Thoughts, ramblings, and muses of a nature loving, sky watching, book reading, ever learning spiritual seeker on this pale blue dot we call home.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I think you have a great blog here! The pic of your horse is beautiful and shows the personality of the horse! I love a dream, I awoke to see, I was sleeping! I love animals and reading as they inspire me everyday! Thank you for the follow! I hope fate leads you to success! Nice meeting you!

  2. A friend just shared your blog with me. I love it! Your msgs. are so inspiring. This is a first blog visit for me, and what a nice one! You sound like a wonderful person. Peace be with you. Mary

  3. Hi Becca,

    First time finding your blog – love it – where are all the irises from – reminds me of an iris farm I went to in the Finger Lakes NY a couple years ago and had to buy like 12 varieties because I couldn’t decide – are they yours or on a farm? Have a good weekend and I’ll be checking back for sure, thank you!


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