While at work last night the sunset caught my eye and I ran outside to get some pictures. I could not get clear shots without obstructions. A good friend sent me the bottom picture. I thought his picture was much better than mine. It was a breathtaking sunset. It made a bunch of hot tired workers around me pause and take notice. When I was heading out to an area of the building earlier in the evening two employees were entranced in what I thought at first was a deer as we back up to a field and wooded lots but to my surprise they were watching purple martins and swallows dip and dive eating insects. They had never seen it before and did not know what the birds were doing only that they were all congregating and flitting to and fro. Being a nature lover myself and since we were all caught up with work I joined them for a few moments to watch the birds. It was nice to see the men’s wonderment at the birds.

The top picture is taken at a place I pet sit a lot. You cannot see him but there is a kayaker by the treeline. I love taking pictures looking up the river. this visit there are no watermen on the river like last time. But last time some season was open for fishing.

I love sunsets and the different colors that appear in them. I confess I am a night owl. Always have been probably always will be. I think it may be because I was born late at night. I am nor much for sunrises though I appreciate them and have seen spectacular ones. I think I love sunsets so much as I enjoy viewing the stars, planets, satellites, meteors and ISS.

I hope the sunsets are beautiful where you are or the sunrises if you are the early bird enjoying it with your cup of coffee.

I am looking forward to reading two new books this weekend, hopefully watching some of the equestrian events of the Olympics though they usually don’t show much of them and getting caught up on odds and ends. Have a beautiful Saturday!

Are you a sunset watcher or a sunrise watcher?

6 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. I am more of a moon/night sky watcher, but if I had a choice of sunrise or sunset, I’d take the sunset every time. There is something poignant and settling about a beautiful sunset closing down your day.

    And then comes the next gift from the Universe….the Moon and stars….just THERE for us.

    How lucky are WE.

    • I too am a moon and night sky watcher. I have been teaching myself the constellations this summer. I am looking forward to finding more dark sky to view the Milky Way, Saturn & Neptune through my binoculars at the end of August.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and taking time to share your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

      Enjoy the night sky and full moon!

    • I too am a moon and night sky watcher. I have been teaching myself the stars and constellations this past spring and summer. I have been enjoying Mars, Saturn and really enjoyed Venus and Jupiter.
      Thanks for checking out my blog and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.
      Enjoy watching the full moon and night sky this week!

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