Clouds & A Moment of Whimsy




Every day for about the past two weeks I have been enjoying the towering clouds that form late in the afternoon. It usually foretells a thunderstorm but more often than not they dissipate before getting violent or beginning to rain. I love watching them gather and grow taller and what looks to be fluffier but what I know is actually quite turbulent. I could never be a storm chaser or a violent storm photographer but I love to chase clouds. I was drawn by the way the sun was glowing behind the clouds and then peeked out.

This afternoon after caring for the pets I needed to for the day I sat outside and watched the ospreys fish. They are so graceful and talkative when they are hunting. I have been enjoying the beautiful full moon the last few nights too. Have you seen it? It is so bright it is hard to see some of the stars that are normally out.

The Coke bottle mobile is in one of the backyards where I pet sit. It made me laugh when I saw it. I love looking for little touches of whimsy in every day life. After living in fear and darkness for a long time I now go out of my way to find life’s positives, random acts of kindness and magic moments. It has made such a difference in how I react to life’s ups and downs now. My life isn’t perfect but I sure appreciate every day.

I hope you find moments of whimsy, random acts of kindness and magic moments in your life. And I hope you get to check out the moon it is beautiful!

One thought on “Clouds & A Moment of Whimsy

  1. I, too, was loving the beautiful moon this past week. From our bedroom window the moon is wonderfully framed by the trees, and with some clouds, it looked mysterious!
    Great pictures!

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