A Moo, Jupiter & My Space Family




I am currently pet sitting at one of my favorite homes. The dogs are well behaved for the most part. The worst thing and I really can’t fault him is the Lab every so often gets a look in his eye and makes a run and a spectacular dive into the river. You just can’t keep a Lab out of water. Thankfully the watermen are not working this section of river at this point in time as I try to keep him out of the river area when they are working. The watermen have a hard enough job without an exuberant Lab scaring their fish and crabs away by leaping in the water. I really enjoy the screened porch and hang out there a lot reading, eating my meals or just watching the water and listening to the birds and crickets. Yesterday for the first time in three years I heard cows mooing. It was wonderful. I think I have posted pictures of the barn across the creek that I love in the past. It had cows a number of years back but the farm fell into disrepair. This morning when the dogs and I were walking the property I saw where the barn was being restored and added onto. A new roof and new storage. It is a beautiful barn. I thought last night when I was walking the dogs after work in the dark I was hearing things. I heard the crickets, cicadas and great blue herons calling and then I heard a moo. Certainly not what I was expecting. But a most welcome sound.

Tonight while walking the dogs I was delighted to see the half moon and Jupiter both in the constellation of Taurus. And as an added bonus a meteor went zipping through the sky in between them.

I found out my mother also is a sky watcher recently. I’m forty three years old and really had no idea. She always told me she watched the moon landing but lately she has been sharing more of some of her sky watching stories with me. Her father loved it too. So did my dad. So I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I am looking forward to a quiet porch weekend-reading, wandering the property with the pups and listening to the cows and of course birds. Some of the geese are already starting to straggle in. I thought the osprey had left us for another season but I saw one today.

Have a great weekend and if you are a late night owl check out the moon and Jupiter. Jupiter is so bright it looks like a plane coming into land.

Do you have any birds or butterflies migrating through your area now? Or coming to stay? Share if you would like. I always love to hear from everyone. I love when the geese arrive here.

6 thoughts on “A Moo, Jupiter & My Space Family

  1. Great update to the blog B! Think of you everytime I look at the stars….you have made me much more aware of their beauty. Hope all is well

  2. I love it when I hear a cow moo when I’m walking in the morning! It doesn’t happen too often so it’s so great when it does!
    Not much migration going on here. We did not get many birds last spring at all, even our bird walks were cancelled as we were not seeing anything! The hummingbirds are back in good numbers but I haven’t seen anyone else. Could it be the dry weather, the fires? Who knows! Just hoping for a better year next year! The leaves are changing and the elk are beginning to bugle. Great time of year! You have a great weekend too.

    • I had not thought about migrations not occurring. I do hope they return to your area. I know the migrating geese population was sparse here about a decade ago but have rebounded. It was then I realized the interconnectedness of everything. A bad year in the Arctic meant less geese migrating.
      I have never heard elk but I imagine it is wonderful.
      Do you have many species of hummingbirds where you are? We only have the Ruby Throated. I saw many more varieties when I visited Arizona one year.
      It is always great to hear from you. I do enjoy it and it brings me a smile.

  3. Here in Colorado the geese do not migrate at all I don’t think, they just stay all winter. I think it is because we usually don’t have snow on the ground all winter, most golf courses stay open all winter! So the geese just hang around! You are right about the interconnectedness of everything! Because of the extreme bad weather in Alaska last winter, we had snowy owls here! Unfortunately I didn’t see one, but a friend in the neighborhood saw one right here! If you go to estesparknews.com, you can find videos of elk bugling, it’s great!
    We usually have broad tailed, and rufous hummingbirds here. I think the Ruby throated and broad tailed are similar. Last year I saw my first hummingbird nest with babies up in Estes Park, what a thrill to see that! One day I would love to go birding in Arizona, I think it’s one of the birding meccas! LOL!
    Well back to house cleaning, enjoy the rest of your day!

    • Thanks for link Penni. I look forward hearing the elk and hopefully seeing them. Thanks for letting me know what sort of hummingbirds you have out there. I love birding and am always interested. I visited my Mom in Arizona in March when all the cactus were blooming which was beautiful. The only bird I didn’t see but wanted to was a road runner.

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