I Didn’t Know




As with most people I find this time of year to be very stressful. Mine is mostly due to my jobs-one being my pet sitting business being busy this time of year and the other job being with a major shipping company. I struggle at times too with relationships at this time of year-family and friends. People want to get together-do the whole Norman Rockwell holiday thing but what I crave the most is peace and quiet. I was looking forward to some relative down time between Christmas and New Year’s. But as life does, things happen and what I had envisioned for myself is not going to happen. I was shocked by my reaction to the change in plans. I pride myself in rolling with the flow so the steady stream of tears surprised me. After crying off and on for two hours and realizing not all of it was for having plans change, I vented to a friend and tried hard to readjust my thinking and attitude.

Helping to adjust my attitude was a text from a friend thanking me for being supportive during the difficult times he has had this year. I really appreciated it. I also got my gratitude journal opened it to a blank page, after staring at it for twenty minutes I finally started writing and out came lots of things to be grateful for. Big and small.

Over the past month I have had people out of the blue tell me how I have impacted their life in small ways and big ways and ways I had never even known. I never knew how much coworkers appreciated my listening to them and their concerns. Nor how a neighbor liked that I shut off my headlights when I come home late at night from work so the lights do not shine into their bedroom window. Lately on the news, radio, newspaper and in general conversation people say how disconnected our society has become, I, however, believe in some ways we are more connected but no one notices little gestures, or how people connect on Facebook, twitter, blogs and texts, or even face to face. I first got on Facebook to stay in touch with my nieces and nephews and be the hip aunt. I am still the hip, cool aunt but with Facebook I have chatted directly with my favorite author, am getting a postcard from my favorite tv show personality and found a long lost cousin and some classmates. With twitter, I started originally to follow NASA and the astronauts and as a result had the opportunity to attend a NASA social meeting an astronaut and hang out with other like minded people. I have connected with so many kind people via this blog. I never realized I would connect with people when I started writing and posting pictures. I thought if maybe a friend or two read it and maybe my family I would be amazed. I am astonished and humbled that as many people read it and take the time to post comments and like it. I love when I hear from you and have developed some lovely friendships.

At work yesterday a coworker’s wife stopped by with their son-she wanted to know if my coworker wanted lunch. I was delighted to meet their son. He is eighteen months old. He smiled at me and gave me a high five. I loved it. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a listening ear, singing, sharing good conversation, stopping to let someone cross the street or just being there for someone.

I hope the holidays are good to everyone. And know you are a big part of my life. Happy holidays! May you enjoy them in the best way possible.

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know

  1. Loved your note about the ideal not happening…How real this is! I wanted to decorate the house and entertain, and it is still going together…perhaps I will leave it decorated until after the new year and get around to socializing with others AFTER the holiday…I am even dreading mass, not because I don’t love it, but because I want to NOT be around crowds of people right now…likely due to an extra need for peace and quiet too….You made me feel “normal”…thanks, and peace to you this holiday season…”Ordinary time” will soon be back, and I appreciate it being however I want it to be, ordinary or exciting…without pressure to have it be either….making for a greater chance to have it be wonderful?! Go figure? love you! jane

    • I can certainly relate to all those feelings. One year my friends and I did all of our get togethers between Christmas and New Years and it ended up being quite lovely. In my family we always left our decorations up until at least the twelfth night of Christmas. To be honest I keep one manager out year round and an angel decorated tree up year round too. Makes me feel good all year. I bring out the extra special decorations for December.
      I like ordinary time too!! And what a great way to describe it. I hope you find peace and joy in your holiday. Merry Christmas. Blessings to you and your family. Love Becca

  2. Becca, you’re just the best. So open about your feelings that you make everyone else feel they can be open about theirs.

    I enjoy your blog and am looking forward to your continued posts in 2013. Have agood holiday celebration, wherever it takes you. It’s just so damn good to be alive and aware of nature’s gifts!

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