The Moors & A Small Miracle




In Maryland this week we have had every kind of weather there is. We had rain-from downpours to light drizzles, we have had snow-a dusting to a couple of inches, we had very warm January weather at 70 degrees but when a cold front came through so did the winds!! Steady winds from 35mph to 55mph blew Wednesday into Thursday. At times my little apartment seemed to breath with the winds. Where I am located my apartment is one of the first structures that the wind hits as it comes off the river and across the fields. I call my backyard the moors as it reminds me a bit of the moors of England, Ireland and Scotland. Today after running a few errands I hunkered down and apparently never really looked out the window until after dark. I was shocked to find my car covered with snow again-just about half an inch but I missed it all. I was reading this afternoon, chatting with family and friends, listening to music, talking with Abby the cat and just hanging out.

I took the top picture yesterday as I was heading into work. There was an amazing sunset too but I did not get any pictures of it. I have been enjoying the cold clear nights and being able to see the moon and stars in crisp, clean detail. I don’t always know what I am looking at but it is beautiful nonetheless.

I have been doing a lot of birdwatching lately. Since the Bald Eagles are nesting I can take my eyes from the skies and look in the trees for the songbirds. And of course the thousands of geese we have that overwinter here. My challenge with the songbirds is distinguishing their colors so I am concentrating on learning their songs.

I would still love to get a picture of the neighbors cat with the family of rabbits that live in the field behind my apartment. When I come home at night my headlights always shine on all of them snuggled together. And no, the cat has not killed the rabbits they really do hang out with each other. I’ve never seen them hanging out during the day only at night. A small miracle perhaps?

I hope your weekend is filled with small miracles and relaxation. All my best to everyone!!

4 thoughts on “The Moors & A Small Miracle

  1. I have such a hard time distinguishing song birds. I have to say I’ve given up trying. But the cat and rabbit is too sweet. Saw a video this weekend of a bald eagle and cat sitting together on a porch rail. Who knows??

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