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A friend recently gifted me a book called The Philosopher and the Wolf by Mark Rowlands. I have a little bit of free time tomorrow and am looking forward to starting it.

Both jobs were very stressful this week. I’m happy for a quiet day. One thing I have learned from working for a shipping company is that people put a lot of pressure on themselves for the perfect Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Me personally I try to think of gifts the person would appreciate, that I either make, buy from an local artist or from an artist I know. Too many people in my opinion give in to advertising, peer pressure and what is assumed to be a correct gift. I hate having to work on a major holiday at the shipping company as someone always calls screaming that due to a package not being delivered for whatever reason their particular holiday has been ruined. I have been screamed at, called every name in the book, threatened and to top it all off this week someone called the State Police as they did not receive their package. I actually asked the Sargent twice if he was really from the State Police when he called at work. He assured me he was. I sometimes think people forget to enjoy the time they have with each other.

There is nothing like being home surrounded by your own things and your own bed. I now understand why my Dad, who had to travel about forty six weeks of the year for his job, always wanted to stay home and not venture too far on family vacations. Some years with my pet sitting I am not home for up to eight months of the year. I am grateful to be able to care for pets, animals and properties but I’m always happy to be back home too.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love and peace. Enjoy your weekend and keep looking up you never know what you may see. Birds, stars, planets or meteors. Did you see and hear the one on the news that hit Russia? Wow it was loud and bright..

4 thoughts on “Books, Packages & Home

  1. REALLY?? The State Police?? So sad that people think the world revolves around them…

    I agree that being home is sometimes the BEST place to be. Enjoy your day and your book.

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