Snap Judgements & A Sleeping Abby




On Friday afternoon I went to the Academy of the Arts in my town to see a show I saw advertised in the paper. I was happy when I drove up to find a parking spot within easy walking distance. I glanced at the colorful flag on the lawn announcing the art show, marched inside and was met by a surprised volunteer. The entire downstairs was being painted in preparation for the show I wanted to see. I showed up fifteen days too early. They sure advertised it well! I just failed to pay attention to the actual dates. All the painters looked at me like I was an idiot. I had a delightful conversation with volunteer and tried to talk my way into being able to see pieces of the permanent collection. I was not successful in that one but she did tell me their was a small exhibit upstairs and I was more than welcome to view that at no charge. I almost declined but figured since I was here I might as well. I climbed the stairs and was met by two colorful paintings of flowers and shells. I knew enough about flowers to know that the one artist was trying to tell a story with just the flowers he was using and I did not have to read the little sign next to the painting to figure that one out. I have always been fascinated with hidden meanings and signs in things. I learned long ago that people communicated with flowers from color selection to the flowers themselves. The other artist did self portraits in ornaments placed next to flowers and shells. I realized as I walked through the exhibit I actually recognized the artists as local men I had seen around town. And talk about me judging a book by it’s cover. Every time over the years I had run into these men, who are brothers, they reminded of Boo Radley in To Kill A Mockingbird. I had no idea they had fine arts degrees, painted beautiful pictures and traveled all over. Amazing the snap judgements we make. I wonder what people think of me when they see me wandering about town. Do they think me the female version of Boo Radley?

I had a wonderful time by myself checking out the small exhibit. Heard the laughter of children being taught an art class down one of the halls. I wanted to join them to see what all the fun was about. So many times I go to art galleries, shows, museums and everyone is quiet, hushed, and stuck up. My Mom and I had the best time at Van Gogh’s exhibit in Philadelphia last year. We chatted, laughed, discussed and had a great time. I could imagine myself in some of the paintings. The art academy I visited used to be the school at the turn of the century (1900’s). The top two pictures are of the academy. It is a really neat building. I stood at the windows for quite a long time just looking out.

The bottom picture is of Abby sleeping. She is heading home today or tomorrow. She has been very clingy the past two weeks. But I imagine she will be happy to be in her big home again with a lovely screened porch. I wonder though will she miss watching Doctor Who with me, listening to NPR on the weekends, or crazy eclectic music throughout the week? I know she will miss sleeping on the bed as she is not allowed in the bedroom at her usual home. I will miss her chatting with me every night but December will be here again before I know it.

Have you ever had a snap judgements you made turned upside down? Is your mind open enough to have it changed? It took me a day to wrap my head around the paintings these brothers did as I had only known them in another setting. Always trying to challenge myself and my mind. I hope you do too! Enjoy your Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Snap Judgements & A Sleeping Abby

    • I try not to do it too but I don’t think we can help it being humans. But like you I do love being surprised by people. I surprised some coworkers a few weeks ago sharing some things I have pursued in my free time. They had no idea since I am so quiet and private. Very few even know I have a blog 🙂

  1. I like being surprised as well. I wish we had a local gallery. The best I can do is go to the local frame shop as they carry a lot of local work. It’s also the only place in town to get “real” art supplies. 🙂

    • That’s pretty cool the frame shop carries local art. The town I live in is overflowing with art galleries. Restaurants, inns, hotels and motels also show art work and we have two art festivals a year in my town. The surrounding towns are pretty artsy too. It’s an eclectic mix of art, watermen, farmers and commuters to DC and Baltimore that live around here. Where I grew up had no art galleries that I know of but this town sure does.

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