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I was looking forward this past Monday to writing about the Boston Marathon-my memories of it growing up, living on part of the route for a few years, my friends who were running in it this year and some of the people I watched run who have inspired me over the years. I often went to the marathon with my dad and this years marathon was the day after his birthday so I thought it would make a sweet little post. However, as everyone knows, horror struck as bombs went off. I do not wish to rehash any of the events of this past week other than to say I am glad it is over. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all who were touched by it in any way. My brother-in-law got caught in the drama that unfolded on Thursday evening as he tried to drive home from work. The one thing he said to me is that he never wants to see anything like it again. I hope the healing can begin as best as it can now.

I lived in Massachusetts from the age of five until I was twenty two. I moved to Maryland to be near more horse farms and far away from New England winters. I shoveled enough snow to last me a good long time. When we had two back to back blizzards here in Maryland a few years back all I could think was I may need to move farther south. I do like having four seasons though.

Last night at work I learned that some of my coworkers are frightened of storms. We were under a tornado watch most of the afternoon and evening. The winds howled all day, the weather was warm and as the storm clouds began to build I took four steps outside the building to take pictures of the clouds. No lighting or thunder was occurring yet but two coworkers were agitated I was outside taking pictures. I took a few and then went back to work. The next thing I knew someone had closed all the bay doors as the rain came crashing down. About ten minutes later lighting flashed and thunder sounded but only for about fifteen minutes. The rain and wind carried on for two hours. And the temperature plummeted. The clouds were amazing but the pictures I took don’t do them justice.

While at work I received news from my brother in law and sister, one of the bombers had been arrested and Boston was free to be Boston again. I felt a sense of relief but also a bit of horror at some of the remarks my friends and acquaintances had made over the whole ordeal. I respect peoples opinions and honor their right to express them but I have little tolerance for ignorance, bigotry or violence that some of the opinions contained.

I still believe Anne Frank had it correct when she said “Despite everything, I still think people really are good at heart.” There was a lot of good that came to the surface this week.

Driving home I was able to think of other things. I thought of peace, harmony, love and oneness. As I drove onto my street I was delighted to see a fox for the first time in a while. He was beautiful. We looked at each and then passed onwards. I heard the calls of the bullfrogs and tonight I heard the spring peepers with the bullfrogs. I have been enjoying watching a pair of ospreys hunt and fish in the pond out front. The purple martins and swallows are back. The rhythms of life carry on..

The pictures I chose for today was a sunrise I took on Wednesday morning, a pot of some of my favorite flowers and tonight’s sunset.

Thank you for letting me write a bit on the marathon. I struggled all week on whether or not to write about it. I thank you for friendship and it means the world to me. Many thanks!

6 thoughts on “Massachusetts & Rhythms of Life

  1. Thank you for your comments. I too have written some thoughts, and then wasn’t sure whether or not to publish them. I do think that we all have much healing to do. I too have reacted to commentators hateful and overly-biased comments! And agree with you about their being more good than bad! Thanks again! jane

    • Thanks Jane. I read your blog and tried to leave comments on yours but was unable too. But it seems like we are in agreement. Thank you for your support. I was hesitant all week on whether or not to say anything but I am glad I did.

  2. A wonderful post. A friend of mine ran in the marathon, and she was well over the finish line when the first bomb went off. I worried for hours until I finally heard that all was ok with her. I can understand peoples’ reactions to the guys who did this. You see all the pain and death and needless violence, and you want to just scream “ENOUGH!” while you’re punching them out. But we haven’t seen the last of this type of horror, so I think we need to learn to approach it in our hearts with calmer emotions, lest we sicken ourselves at a very dark level.

    I must admit, though, I find forgiveness so hard to do. My failing, and I’m working on it.

    Always love your posts.

    • I agree with you about wanting to scream enough. I was quite distraught on Monday and it occupied my thoughts all week. I in no way condone what these men did and hope he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
      I wrestled with it all week whether or not to even write anything about it. I am glad I did as it helped me. I am thankful and happy for your support. And am glad you stop by!

  3. Beautiful Post Becca. I think there are more people feeling the way you do about the Marathon bombing than are expressing their thoughts. I love to way you came back to” life.”

    • Thank you. It really was a tough one to write but in the end I am glad I did. I try to reconnect with myself and my center with nature, stars and space. Thank you for your support. It really means a lot to me.

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