James Turrell, Laughing & Foxes




On Wednesday afternoon after a lovely lunch with my Mom we headed to the Academy of the Arts in Easton, our town’s central art gallery. I was excited to finally see the exhibit I showed up for earlier in the month. I was able to park out front of the Academy and told my Mom I thought we would have the gallery to ourselves. When we got through the front doors besides the volunteer at the front desk we found a bunch of young school children enjoying the exhibit. Both Mom and I thought it was pretty cool the kids were there and getting a tour of the exhibit and a kids eye view of everything. There were three galleries showing the exhibit and the kids were divided into three groups. Me, being an orderly person was getting ready to start the exhibit tour in what is usually the first gallery of all exhibits. However, Mom and I were intercepted by a volunteer who was at the exhibit at the request of the artist James Turrell. He does art based on light and perspective. It was a bit out of my Mom’s comfort zone of art but she was game. Back to the volunteer who intercepted us, she asked us to start in another gallery first. She explained the artist’s background and ideas on art and what he creates. Based upon what she was describing as what was in the gallery we were about to enter I had no idea what to expect. It was totally black and dark as you headed into the gallery almost like you were heading into a tunnel. I had watched the kids come out of the exhibit and they all had kept their hands along the wall to guide them out so naturally my mother said you go first I’ll follow you. Onwards I went. When I got to the end of the wall you came around the corner to see a wall of purple. My Mom didn’t say what the hell but she almost did. I said come on so we walked across the long dark room and stepped right up to the purple wall which as you got closer was actually more of a trapezoid. You could stick your arms and head into the purple wall thing and it was like looking into infinity. It was wild and crazy and I loved it. My Mom started laughing when she saw me stick my arms in work, which was encouraged by the way, you just couldn’t touch the bottom of the piece. The piece itself St. Elmo’s Light. We stayed in the room with the piece for about ten minutes, laughing and carrying on. When we left the room I followed the kids lead and had my hand on the wall. We then checked out some sculptures and pictures the artist had showing his place in Arizona. The next gallery had nine holograms. Mom really got into those which surprised me. I liked them but honestly I can take or leave holograms. Mom stood at many different spots in the room looking at all of them. I did like the hologram that made a butterfly. As Mom and I headed to the last gallery we went by the kids all dressed in smocks by this point on the floor on a large piece of painting paper. They were all painting away and chattering about what they had seen. They seemed to like the exhibit as much as Mom and I did. Mom thanked me for taking her to another funky art exhibit. She really did enjoy it and I am definitely going back again to see the St. Elmo’s Light piece again. The exhibit is here until July 7. It was well worth the wait and embarrassment from showing up two weeks early.

I took the middle picture at work tonight. As I was walking by the open bay doors the bright yellow sky caught my eye so I ran outside to take pictures.

The bottom picture is of my local hospital waiting room. I took a friend who had gotten hurt during the day. I was bored and the waiting room was empty so I started taking pictures. The hospital sure has changed since I first moved here. The old waiting room had twenty chairs and was about twenty feet wide, dark and miserable to be in. This waiting room had about one hundred and twenty chairs, two tv’s, and a very tall ceiling. It wasn’t bad waiting tonight.

Coming home from the hospital I saw two baby foxes on the bridge in my housing development. They were cute. The stars were bright too with the sky so dark.

I hope you have a great Thursday, enjoy some art if you get a chance and have some fun. I’m heading out tomorrow to buy some sidewalk chalk. I’m trying to decide what to draw or maybe I’ll just see what inspires me.

2 thoughts on “James Turrell, Laughing & Foxes

  1. The first time I went to the Whitney Museum in NY when I was in high school I saw a Turrell exhibit. I was enchanted even if I didn’t understand it and never forgot the experience. I hope your photograph your sidewalk chalk art.

    • I can’t say I or my Mom entirely understood the art but we both loved it. I too, like you was enchanted by it. I want to go back and experience that feeling of infinity again. And I will certainly take pictures of the chalk art.

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