Iris & Sunrise




I love iris flowers and took the top picture while at my Mom’s on Mother’s Day. I love the variety of colors iris have. Single colors, blending colors all draw me in. I have stopped so many times recently while walking dogs to snaps pictures of iris that one dog I walk seems to scope the flowers out for me. Or maybe I tip her off to where I want to go and look.

The second picture is a potted plant at another pet sitting job. I thought it looked great. The home is on one of the many rivers, creeks and tributaries found around here. I have been trying to get pictures of workboats, sailboats and other small craft on the river but my little camera can’t zoom in.

I am staying at one of my favorite places to pet sit. It is a wonderful waterfront place and the dogs are great. It is the only time of the year I see sunrises as the dogs get me up slightly before sunrise. I took the bottom picture this morning. I’m hoping to get some more pictures tomorrow with clouds at sunrise. When I get out of my car the air is filled with the scent of wisteria. The trees here are fairly old. The dogs and I take lovely walks and I catch up on reading while here.

I hope you have a great weekend and get to enjoy some color, be it in sunrises, sunsets, flowers or laughter!

4 thoughts on “Iris & Sunrise

    • I do enjoy where I am staying. I am even getting used to rising with the sun, something I have not done since I worked on the horse farms.
      I hope to purchase one of your flower pot pin cushions next week. They are wonderful! I have loved them since Maria first posted a picture on her blog a year or so ago. I love the violets and strawberries!
      Always so good to hear from you!

  1. Walking dogs at sunrise some of my favorite things. Great pics. Watching small craft on the water something I enjoy too. Takes me back to the time when I spent every morning on the water. Enjoyed the post.

    • Thanks! Makes me happy when others enjoy a post.
      I am learning to enjoy the sunrise walks as I am more of a night owl but these dogs are great companions. Some mornings we are out by the river alone, others the workboats are there.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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