A Birthday and A Lot To Learn




I celebrated my birthday on Sunday and Monday. Why limit it to one day I say? Besides my Mom says I was born at 11:14pm so it was almost into the next day. I think it is why I am a night owl to this day. On Sunday I went to look at horse a friend was considering buying but did not. We have seen some nice horses but they have not been a good fit so far. My friend made me a beautiful piece of art that I love. Of course it included a horse and since they also write for a living, some beautiful words were included on the artwork. My landlord, who is also a poet, gave me a lovely card that included a poem. The best part of my birthday is I was able to come home for two days. I have been busy with pet sitting and overnight jobs for three weeks and starting today I’m gone again for two weeks. While I enjoy most homes I stay in I love coming home.

Yesterday I had my haircut quite drastically. I had twelve to thirteen inches cut off and was daring and added highlights. It made my hair a bit lighter which is nice since my hair has been getting darker every year since I was about eighteen. The woman who cut my hair was wonderful! She was not into small talk which I appreciated. I hate having to make small talk while getting my hair cut. She had some amazing tattoos and best of all she cut my hair exactly how I asked. I cannot tell you the last time someone cut my hair they way I asked and not what they thought I would like. After getting my hair cut (the bottom picture if you haven’t guessed yet is me with my new cut. I thought I’d be brave and post a picture of me.) I headed to my Mom and step dad’s. We went to dinner at a local seafood place on the Miles River. While walking to the restaurant I saw a boat in the harbor named Knucklehead. Mind you it was a large boat worth about $300,000. It made me laugh. While eating we watched boats come in and out of the harbor and river, people on paddle-boards, sailboats and some beautiful wooden boats. After dinner we went back to the house, visited and I watched a tv show with my mom. I haven’t done that in a very long time. It was nice.

I have tried for years to try to make a meaningful connection with some people in my life. I had given up and had settled on the status quo of us passing by like ships the night and our encounters being fairly awkward. However, recently some things have aligned themselves and I have been able to chat and develop relationships. I was shocked as I had it in my head that they did not want or need me in their lives when in reality they are as quiet and introverted as I am. You would have thought I would have recognized a kindred soul but my vision was clouded. I am still learning I have a lot to learn.

Have you ever had an eye opening experience in which your view was totally turned on it’s head? The above experience has changed me. I suppose that is the beauty of being human-being able to change and always learning.

Have a great week. Hope you all are well.

12 thoughts on “A Birthday and A Lot To Learn

  1. I love being able to see you picture Becca, and your hair looks great. Happy Birthday, I too am constantly learning about relationships and what friends are. Thanks for the post.

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a happy one! I did have an experience like you recently. I realized that just because I see or do something one way does not mean that everyone else will too. That I need to accept that my way is not the only way and give people grace for their feelings and actions too. I didn’t realize that I was feeling this way, but it became clear to me on a recent trip. I needed to apologize and ask forgiveness. And be thankful that I was able to see what I was doing. It was humbling…….

  3. I loved your comment about getting your hair cut the way YOU WANTED IT!! I just got a cut and it was a hair do for a different person and not me…I will learn to “use my words”, as my daughter says to be specific next time and hopefully come out with what I want instead! And Happy Belated Birthday!! jane

  4. Hi, Becca! Late happy birthday wishes to you. Sorry for the tardiness, but this heat and humidity are slowing me down big time this year. Maybe that is where we southerners got the reputation for moving as slow as molasses most of the time! Is that top photo a magnolia blossom? It is my favorite tree, despite being rather messy with shedding its large leaves. And your hair looks great. Nothing like a good haircut/colorwork to make us gals feel so much better about ourselves. Take care,
    Pearl River, LA

    • Hi Cheryl
      Thanks for the birthday wishes! The photo is of a magnolia flower. I love them and their sweet smell. I’m still getting used to my short hair. Have to remember to put sunscreen on my neck now.
      Great to hear from you!

  5. I loved this post. I see this big, crazy, social world out there that for the most part I am not a part of. It helps me to realize that it is just not my nature, there are other introspective types out there. I always come to your blog when I need to read something peaceful. Best wishes for your birthday. Many more.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me. I struggle with people wanting me to be much more social than I am comfortable being. I am not a party person and not the neighborhood socialite. But I enjoy writing and communicating with my blog and am happy you stopped by. Many thanks again.

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