Plein Air Festival, Saturn and Bucket Lists




This one of my favorite weeks in my town. Today started the 9th Annual Plein Air Competition and Arts Festival. As usual for Maryland in July it is beastly hot and humid, this year it is the hottest week so far. I love seeing the painters paint about the county Sunday through Wednesday. I often pass by them during my travels. Thursday and Friday the painters paint within the town limits. Saturday is the adult quick draw competition. I’m heading to that with my Mom. I’m looking forward to it. When I lived in downtown Easton one of the artists painted the front porch of my apartment building. I asked the painter what drew his eye to it and found out it was the potted plants I put on the stairs. It was a wonderful victorian home, built in 1890. At the time a rocking chair was on the porch too adding to my flowers. Sadly I was not able to purchase the painting as it was out of my price range. It was beautiful. All the quick draw paintings are for sale and you can buy them at noon after they have been judged. Last year a friend and I went to the children’s quick draw which is on Sunday. I loved it. Kids from eight to eighteen painted. One of these days I’m going to get an easel. I love the Subaru commercial where the wife gives her husband an easel for his birthday. He then paints everywhere, at the beach, in a pond and in the forest. You are led to believe he is a master painter but instead he paints like a first grader. I can really relate to that. I often have pictures in my head to draw as Monet, Renior and Van Gogh but what comes out is quite rudimentary. Practice makes perfect I suppose. I’m much better at photography, writing and coloring with crayons. I hope to get some pictures this week of the painters and the quick draw. The top picture is one of the main streets in my town. We don’t have a street named Main but do have Washington. The street shown is Goldsborough.

After many weeks of rain and clouds tonight as I left work, the skies were clear. I noticed a star hanging out with the moon. I looked up what was near the moon on one of my nifty apps on my phone and discovered that the star was actually Saturn. As I pulled up to my home I got out of the car and just stood and looked at the sky. It was lovely, peaceful and meditative. The crickets, cicadas and frogs were all singing.

Speaking of rain it was an adventure traveling about on Friday. So much rain fell in such a short time. Many roads flooded, a few collapsed and I was glad I was able to stay put at a pet sitting job while the rain let up. I had a time getting to the job. Water was rushing down streets like rivers and the ditches flooded quite quickly due to all the previous rain we have had. Thankfully the dogs did not mind the rain. I cannot say that about the heat today. We are at the beginning of a heat wave. I started walking a new dog today and despite the dog’s desert pedigree he was not having a go at walking today. We ended up meandering around the back yard.

I’m home for one night and off again to another job for a week. It is a treat to be home for a day as I have not been home since July 4. I tend to get a little cranky if I can’t be home with my art, books, music and just my space. I love pet sitting and house sitting but sometimes I miss my home. I’m looking forward to a visit next month from my nephew and his fiancé. We are heading to DC for a day. I’m hoping to eat lots of seafood with them and just enjoy their company. I am still pulling to be a flower girl in their wedding but I think a four year old may have me beat. I’ve been a bride, bridesmaid and maid of honor. I have never been a flower girl and it is on my bucket list. I also hope to play the bells in the 1812 overture during the July fourth concert on the National Mall.

What are you doing to beat the heat this summer or cold in the winter if you are in the southern hemisphere? And do you have a bucket list desires you wish to share? I hope to update my list by the end of the month. One bucket list feat I could check off this week was photographing the dragon fly in the middle picture. I have tried for years to get a picture.

I hope everyone is well. Many thanks to everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Plein Air Festival, Saturn and Bucket Lists

  1. Hi Becca!
    Favorite way to beat the heat – laying in the shade reading a good book!
    Bucket list – see a whale, a wolf, a manatee.
    live in Estes Park Colorado, or any place where deer will come and hang out in my yard!
    visit the Florida keys
    visit Alaska
    I probably could think of many many more, but I think that’s good for now!
    Enjoy your week too, and have fun at the Arts Festival!

    • Sounds like a great list you have going. We had a manatee in the Chesapeake Bay for two years a while back. I never saw it but he made the local news here. I hope the heat broke where you are. Always good to hear from you!

  2. I love the butterfly photo. It’s very original. The butterfly looks powerful. I’ve never seen that in a photo before

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