Finding Peace? Rituals & Owls




Between my job at the shipping company and pet sitting my life has been jumping. Sixteen or eighteen hour days are not unusual from around the middle of November until Christmas. Everyone always says Christmas is about religion, peace and reflection however work for UPS, FedEx or USPS and Christmas is the hell season. The public who is sane, pleasant and understanding the rest of the year become unruly this time of year. In the years I have worked for the shipping company I have been called every name in the book, been told I’ve ruined many Christmas’, been swung at, have been threatened and all over a package. People don’t want to hear that when their flight was delayed due to ice or school was closed due to blizzards it means our planes and trucks probably can’t move at peak efficiency either. People want their packages right away right now. The biggest thing I want to tell people is that Christmas is December 25 every year. It has not changed in quite a while but people still call yelling at me. As a result I often find it hard to embrace Christmas. So I have developed my own little rituals that make me happy. I have put up happy little Christmas trees around my apartment along with bowls of small ornaments. My Mom gave me a planting of her Christmas cactus last year and I was delighted when it started blooming recently. I also have quite a collection of Christmas CD’s-‘my favorites are Harry Connick Jr’s, Elvis, Vince Guiraldi, and Jim Reeves.

All the pictures come from a pet sitting job I am currently doing. They have very festively decorated there home inside and out. The top and bottom are from a tree outside. And I loved that Oliver jumped up next to the holly and candle. As I left the house tonight to head home it was wonderful to see the Big Dipper hanging over the river, it’s handle pointing down. The geese were quietly talking on the river.

I’m thinking of heading to Assateague Island this Sunday. I think I need some quiet walking time. As long as the wind is not howling I think I should be good. There is supposed to be a rocket launch from Wallops Island on Wednesday evening. I hope to see it while I’m at work.

I hope your advent Christmas season is a peaceful and content one. Enjoy natures gifts and keep an eye out for snowy owls they are heading south from Canada this year. They have already been spotted here in Maryland!


4 thoughts on “Finding Peace? Rituals & Owls

  1. Nothing like the desire for instant gratification to enrage an impatient public. My sympathies to you! Meanwhile, glad you have found a way to escape into a more peaceful ambiance.

  2. I smiled as I read your post, as I needed some quiet walking time today myself, so I I put everything on hold, and just walked. And lucky me, I saw two eagles flying together! I have been making a conscious effort to make the holiday season less stressful, and I find each year it is getting much more peaceful and enjoyable for me. Funny how we feel we have to do so much, and when we stop, the world does not fall apart!
    I hope you have a much better time at work, how sad for those people who can do nothing but scream over packages. I wish you peace and a happy holiday season. And go on Sunday, and enjoy!

    • How cool to see the eagles! I love to see them.
      I hope to be able to go on Sunday and am keeping an eye on the weather.
      I am hoping work quiets down but I think a few more bumps in the road are expected.
      Enjoy the holiday season. It sounds like you have the right idea.

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