Blessings, Thoughtfulness & Namaste






I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I managed to fulfill my wish for peace and happiness in the month of December. I am very selective who I pet sit for during the holidays and ups was mercifully manageable this year. For the first time in eighteen years not one ups customer screamed at me I ruined their Christmas. It was wonderful. I volunteered to work at the farm Christmas morning. It was quiet and peaceful. My boss left me a card and gift on top of the feed bins. I then went to my Mom and step dad’s home. I received many books-my favorite!! Everyone got me books this year-my sisters, my mom and stepdad, and my boyfriend all gave me books . I received a Doctor Who fourth doctor scarf from my mom and stepdad as well as some cool Christmas socks. I received a few candles as i love candles and usually burn four at a time. My boyfriend gave me the most thoughtful gifts. I have never been with someone who put such thought into gifts for me. A Doctor Who necklace, a cool glass, art work, a crystal and other neat things. It brought tears to my eyes the thought he put into my gifts. Other men in my past were not as thoughtful. One year I received a trailer hitch for my truck which wasn’t built nor did it have the engine to pull anything but my ex wanted a trailer hitch so Merry Christmas Rebecca. I am so thankful NYC is in my life. At times I wonder about the physical distance between us but then he surprises me with his generous soul and I think distance is nothing.

I had a wonderful after Christmas dinner with my cousins from my father’s side of the family. It was so much fun. My great aunt brought pictures of my dad when he was in his twenties for me. My cousins made the best food. I found out one cousin plays the piano and they both play guitar. I play the piano too. I stayed fairly late enjoying everyone’s company.

NYC is coming to visit in January. I hope to take him to Assateague Island. Hoping to see the wild horses. I’m also hoping to show him the church ruins shown in the first photo. It is only a couple of miles from my home. I’m thinking of showing him the Chesapeake Bay on Tilghman Island. With his prospective visit I have been downsizing (I know I know really Rebecca!) I have trouble getting rid of my books. But I do need to make room for someone in my life even if the visits are monthly. Right now my place is set up for a single person.

As you know I love sunsets, however, the sunrises lately have been lovely and I have shown two photos of a recent morning. I am learning to appreciate sunrises. The skies have been cloudy for quite a while at night where I live. I’m hoping they clear up when NYC visits. I’d love to show him Venus, Mars, Jupiter and it’s moons, Orion, and many other stars.

The sheep are a love of mine and bells the black and white sheep pictured is the herd boss with the breeding ewes. I have always felt a connection with her since she was born. I have also developed a rapport with two other breeding ewes. The rest of the ewes tend to be wary and aloof not like the elderly ewes who love attention getting their ears and cheeks scratched or eating corn from your hand.

I tend not to do a year gone by over year and to sum it up 2014 has been a good year. I look forward to 2015. I don’t do resolutions but instead focus on living day to day in a mindful way.

I’m grateful for everyone who reads my blog and wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. Thanks for hanging in with me during 2014. Namaste.

10 thoughts on “Blessings, Thoughtfulness & Namaste

  1. Sounds like life is good! I got a cigar box guitar kit (which I requested) from my guy for Christmas. Now we have to put it together and learn to play it. I’m thinking he will be way ahead of me in the playing department because he has a natural talent for figuring out the blues. He thinks I will be ahead of him because I used to play a bit of classical guitar long ago. We shall see. This one is a three-string, which I think will eliminate all the problems I had with those other three pesky strings! Not to mention the great sound you can get with these things using a slide. All the best to you and NYC in 2015.

  2. Happy and Healthy New Year to you, Becca. Enjoy NYC’s visit in January. Great way to start out the new year, my friend!!! You DESERVE someone who is thoughtful about the gifts he gives to you and treats you as you wish to be treated. And he is a lucky guy to have you in his life. . .have fun!

  3. Books were the gift I got the most of too, for Christmas!

    Enjoy your visit with NYC next month, Glad you have found someone who makes you so happy!

    I have so enjoyed your pictures and blog, thanks for sharing with us!

    Happy New Year, Becca!

  4. Happy New Year wishes from a Miami fan. I always enjoy your posts and photos. Thank you for the gift you give, sharing your experiences and world.

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