Winter, Reading & Not Quite Fitting In






Here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore we have not had the snow our northern neighbors have received. We have had to cold and wind. Last weekend at the farm it was minus fifteen with the winds, hence the reason I am bundled up like I’m heading to the North Pole. The chickens wisely chose to stay in the chicken house during the cold snap. The sheep for the most part stayed in their barn-they have free access to go in and out of the barn and pasture. The horses enjoyed their hay undercover. We did get our first significant snow for our area of six inches. Now I know New Englanders, my friends in Canada and the Northern European countries will laugh but for our area it’s a lot. We do not have the extensive equipment northern cities have and they use salt and sand sparingly. The one interesting thing I’ve noticed with the snow and ice is that the dogs I walk pay much more attention to me while we walk as I pick out the best path to take.

The remaining pictures are the local Catholic Church as viewed across a snow covered corn field, two sunrises and Piper in my shadow on one of our walks.

I finished two books I was reading-Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and Inviting Disaster Lessons From the Edge of Technology. I thoroughly enjoyed Miss Peregrine and am looking forward to the second book. Inviting Disaster is an interesting overview of catastrophes, their causes and what we’ve learned from them. I find I am not reading as much as I used to and want to get back to it. I find that I have to defend myself sometimes that I read. I’m not much into tv and cannot discuss prime time tv due to my work schedule. Sometimes I’m left out in conversation due to it but I don’t mind. Last night at work I gave a one minute astronomy lessons pointing out to my coworkers Venus Mars the crescent moon and Jupiter. I shocked my coworkers saying if I was better at math I’d be an astrophysicist. Alas I am not so animals are my chosen path.

I am happy that NYC watches as little prime time tv as I do. We talk a lot about books, current events and he patiently answers all my country mouse questions about the city. I was impressed when I first met NYC and we discussed books one of his favorite books is Dracula. We have had some discussions about Edgar Allen Poe too-one of my favorite authors.

In closing on this rambling post the best part about the snow is the great bird watching-I’ve seen cedar waxwing mobs, robin mobs, tufted tit mouse, juncos, cardinals, hawks, eagles, Canada geese and snow geese.

One of my favorite elderly ewes died this past week. She was true sweetheart in every sense of the word. She lived a good long life. I will miss her.


6 thoughts on “Winter, Reading & Not Quite Fitting In

  1. Rob and I were looking at the night sky last night and wondering what planets we were seeing. He guessed venus, and mars, along with the crescent moon, thanks for letting us know! Sorry about the loss of your sweet ewe, no matter what it is never easy to say goodbye.
    Lots of snow here today, but we’ve been lucky so far with a very normal winter, so grateful for that!
    Stay warm!

  2. I am glad that you don’t “Fit in”. I like you better the way you are…and offer my world a fresh perspective…of course I have just written about being a person who didn’t fit the mold in my family. I like differences. I think it adds to your value. What a good life you lead and thanks for sharing it! Stay warm! jane

  3. I didn’t fit in either, Becca. I used to be upset about it when growing up, but am thrilled with it now, as it sure points out to everyone that I march to a different drummer…and I like it that way.

    I really love reading your posts because you ARE different. You’re as real as one can get. Keep going down that path.

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