Reflections, Being Taken Seriously and Spring


I try to look for the good in everything and everybody. I’m no Pollyanna but I don’t feel life is all doom and gloom. With that being said life has been fairly challenging financially, emotionally and mentally. I’m still struggling to adjust to my new bosses at my night job. The company I work for changes management every other year or so, some years go smoothly others not so much. Usually I roll with the punches and keep going. This is my ninth management change in eighteen years and this one has been hardest on me. I have had more responsibilty put on me. My boss’s style of managing is not one I’m used to but I’ll have to adjust. I am amused by those who feel the need to kiss ass to feel important with the new boss. I learned long ago I cannot kiss someone’s butt for my job it may have cost me professionally but my morals and ethics are intact.

Pet sitting has been busy. Lots of dogs to walk, cats to care for insulin to be given to cats and dogs, lambing, people calling almost begging me to be added to my client list. I find that most surprising as I think of myself as under the radar but apparently I’m not. The only advertising I do is my website and word of mouth. I’m very selective in who I take on. I do not care for high maintenance people or pets. And I keep my list smaller than others to give the pets the best care I can. I have a firm policy of not watching puppies, kittens, foals or calves. The only babies I care for are lambs and chicks. I find it amusing how people perceive pet sitting-some think it’s a quaint side job, others think it’s a hustle. My boss at the farm almost fell over when I told him I have a BS in Animal Science. I take my job seriously and am always trying to learn more about caring for dogs, cats, lambs, chickens and horses. I have had a lot of people calling me for house sitting and home checks next winter as three of my house sitting clients had neighbors whose pipes froze and broke during this past winter due to no one checking in on the homes on a regular basis. I was able to catch a pipe issue before it caused damage. I love being able to sort of make my own schedule with pet sitting and enjoy my hours and all the pets I care for. I just wish people would take what I do seriously and not as a side hustle. 

I still have not heard anything from NYC and am slowly moving on. It has been hard. At this point I hope he is ok and I hold no ill will against him. I just don’t understand what happened and perhaps that is my lesson to learn from this. Not everything has answer and that’s ok. 

I’m looking forward to some time off this week to regroup and reassess where I am. I’m hoping to head to Assateague island on Wednesday. Hoping to see the ponies!

Ok now for the photos.. The first one I took at the farm last night from the side view mirror of my car. I loved it. The next two are flowers of course, one a cherry or apple tree I can never remember and forsythia. My favorite roosters feathers close up. And I loved the way the ewe and lamb are looking at me. The lamb was not hers but I thought they were cute together. 

I hope life is going well for you and I hope to be out of my funk soon. Happy spring everyone!

10 thoughts on “Reflections, Being Taken Seriously and Spring

  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your life. Sorry that you have not heard from NYC,BIG character flaw on his part not to let you know why he has not contacted you. So moving on is probably best.I’m just not sure about accepting that there is no answer,that is hard to accept. Best of everything.

  2. Looks like you’ve got some forsythia going there…I just saw some about to bloom last week. We’re way behind everyone else, which is not unusual. Just got the first daffodils a couple days ago!

  3. Becca, you might find this blog interesting: Just One Thing by Rick Hanson. He writes about meditation. He wrote a book called “Buddha’s Brain” which you may have already heard about. “Just One Thing” is his email newsletter.

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