Assateague Islands & Happiness

I went to Assateague Island with Mike in March. We only saw the two horses pictured in the first photo. It was cold and windy and I imagine the rest of the herd was farther down the island. Mike had never been to Assateague and enjoyed it. 

As you can tell from the photos lambing season was in full swing. It has wound down now but still busy with feeding all the ewes. The lambs have learned to eat some of the corn and hay. They do well with the hay. They are becoming independent and venture far from mom but still run towards her if they feel hungry or frightened. I get a kick out of them. We had thirty one live lambs and two still borns this year. I have learned more about sheep care this year. Especially caring for lambs that need a little extra support either bottle feeding, giving extra vitamins or making sure all is good. There are four bottle babies. Mike is amazed how strong they are and demanding for the milk. 

Well I certainly never thought it would happen again in my life but Mike and I are planning a wedding for May of 2017. We are looking at laid back and casual. I have felt a sense of coming home with Mike-a comfort level I have not felt before. We have melded our lives together rather effortlessly. After living alone for so long I have found the biggest adjustment for me has been making decisions with another. I’m used to making my own and full steam ahead. Now there are discussions. Mike has been very gracious about me moving into his home which he now refers to it as our home. He has hung most of the artwork I brought and has not said a word about my many books. He is involved in the planning of our wedding something my first husband wanted no part of. I find Mike to be what I have been looking for but I had to spell it out to myself first so I would not settle for anything less. It took me about seven months to hammer out and nail down what type of person I wanted to share my life with. I’m ever so grateful he loves nature and animals as much as I do. 

I hope your spring is going well and hopefully free of snow and cold. 

12 thoughts on “Assateague Islands & Happiness

  1. how fun to see a picture of you. And congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I’m very happy for you. Great picture of your guy with a sunset behind him, not such an easy picture to take. Have a great spring as well no snow here in Miami, although we always hope for another episode like in the 70s, haha.

  2. What wonderful news, congratulations!
    We are hoping we are free of snow! Just two weeks ago we had two feet!
    But we’ve been enjoying lovely weather this past week, been working out in the yard all week, and it is wonderful to be outside again!

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