Perceptions is a concept I have had on my mind for a while but what really brought it front and center for me this week was a coworker who gleefully told me he had spoken with my ex husband recently. I replied ok and he proceeded to tell me what my ex looks like now, his home and children. I remarked to a few of my friends after how i must be difficult to engage in conversation as this person thought the way to get me to talk was to bring up my ex. 
It got me to thinking. My boss at the farm said he thought nothing bothered me until I found a rat in a water bucket. I told him I can handle most anything but rats and snakes. At UPS I am a supervisor and am shocked when I learn some people are intimidated by me as I see myself as professional, kind and caring. My mother always told me growing up I tried to blend in with the wallpaper. 

There are so many sides of me with a core me. I hid my light for years behind the cloud and fog of depression but through therapy, writing, photography and taking time to heal and realize who I believe myself to be and am I feel like I am a shining star among other stars in the universe. 

I see myself as a quiet creative person who is not afraid to speak my mind, listens actively to others, makes friends slowly but when I make a friend it is usually for life. I like to be a goofball but tend to present myself as a serious person. 

Perception is an interesting concept and something I enjoy playing with in photography.

6 thoughts on “Perceptions 

  1. You described yourself beautifully Beck… who you have become by believing in yourself. thank you for writing about this

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