Phone Calls & Being Myself

 I did something this week that most people take for granted. I am such an introvert that talking in the phone is difficult for me. I avoid it in my personal life at all costs. I can talk on the phone for ups and trouble shoot problems but for my pet sitting I return all calls as I freeze when people call me. God bless my friends who for the most part know I avoid the phone. Funny thing for a forty six year old woman to be fearful of. I would much rather stand in front of a crowd and make a speech or give a talk than talk on the phone personally. I find I am awkward and self conscious. Today I spoke with a friend on the phone who had offered to talk with me over my wedding plans and making sure Mike and I craft a wedding that is ours not what other people want or project on us. It was very helpful and eye opening. I feel better than ever to make sure the wedding Mike and I have is special to us. We are bucking tradition in a number of ways-no cake, no registry we are suggesting people make donations to charity if they feel the need to gift. I find myself more and more grateful to people who remind me to be true to myself and true to the path I chose especially my path with Mike. So if you ever try to call me please don’t give up on me and understand I am making small steps forward in my phone comfort. God bless Mike for hanging in there with me when we were getting to know each other and I said I don’t talk on the phone but will text email or have face to face conversations. I find now I can call and talk to him no problems but our calls are short three minutes or less.

9 thoughts on “Phone Calls & Being Myself

  1. Love your iris, comfortable rocking chair with beautiful view outdoors, most of all pics of you and Mike lately. You are absolutely radiant and Mike looks kind, happy and so gentle with the animals. So, so happy for you both!

  2. I am also with you on the phone thing. So nice to know others feel this way.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and beautiful pictures.

  3. I also suffer from the phone thing. So nice to know others do, as well.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and lovely pictures.

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