Unpacking & Plans

I have been trying hard to finish unpacking the last of the odds and ends from the move but life as always gets in the way. Mike is out today helping his brother at his brother’s new home. I cleaned the kitchen and two of the three bathrooms. I figured out the one bookshelf I was stuck on did not have the right books in it and moved those books to the back bedroom. Crazy thinking I know but it now feels better. I just have one bedroom left and about eight boxes of things to donate including two boxes of clothes. I promised Mike I would have everything unpacked, donated and fixed up by the time his sisters visit mid June. 

Mike has been busy fixing up the yard and creating gardens. I hate weeding so I am always happy to do container gardening while Mike has been steady clearing grass from various places in front of the house. 

It has been a pleasant adjustment making plans with Mike. I was so used to making all decisions myself of course living alone you have to do that. Mike is a dreamer while I am more reserved. He has big plans for the home and yard. We have been steady chipping away at our wedding plans. I want everything paid for well in advance of the wedding. I am determined we will not carry any debt for the wedding nor go into debt for the wedding. 

I will finish up this disjointed piece and head back to unpacking. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who reads and follows my blog.

2 thoughts on “Unpacking & Plans

  1. Sending you good wishes as you settle into your new home environment. Glad to hear wedding plans are proceeding accordingly and with no debt. Smart girl!!! Your pictures are lovely, as always. Thank you for sharing with us. Later, alligator.

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