Peaceful Weekend & Stress Free Wedding Plans

It was a peaceful weekend. I’m counting down the days until I go home. It’s three. It’s been a long pet sitting job but a fairly easy one. The dogs are sweet, the neighbors not so much. Seems like each time I tried to sit on the porch someone was yelling and arguing. I don’t get it. Mike and I rarely yell. We have lived together over a year and have not had a telling match. I think I’ve raised my voice once or twice Mike has me beat in not yelling at all. I don’t know if this makes us normal or not but people seem surprised we don’t argue. I think it has more to do with meeting in middle age and appreciating one another. 

All the photos are from the farm. The gardens are just beautiful and I hardly tire of taking pictures of them. 

Our wedding plans are just about finalized and now we are just finishing paying off everything. People seem shocked we are not stressed about it. I don’t feel the need or desire to be stressed. We are doing everything our way-from no gifts, no cake and no crazy seating plans to me wearing a black dress with flowers on it. From my brother in law crafting a speech in Klingon to us keeping things simple. We think we know what we want to say and how the day will look. I have no desire to be a bridzilla or for either one of us to find it stressful. I think the most stressful thing we have to do is pick out six ice cream flavors. I think most of society has forgotten weddings are meant to be joyous and happy. I sure hope ours is next year. 

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday and thank you to everyone who said they missed my photos and posts. I appreciate all who read my blog. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Peaceful Weekend & Stress Free Wedding Plans

  1. You folks are totally normal. My guy and I have had maybe one or two sentences tossed at each other in a high decibel voice over the last 15 years. Neither of us could tell you what those sentences were about, either. Too long ago, and too unimportant!

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