Easton’s Plein Air Festival

Mike and I attended the adult quick draw competition this morning at Easton’s Plein Air Festival. The festival runs for little more than a week. I look forward to it every year. I enjoy watching the artists paint around the town and county during the week. I love perusing the paintings the artists made during the week but did not submit for judging. I especially like how we are treated. Everyone treats you as if you can afford to buy the paintings in spite of most being far outside of my affordability. One day maybe. I love finding paintings that I watched people paint during the week. I also like that during the quick draw anyone who pays $15 can enter and paint in a four block area of Easton, get the painting judged and put it up for sale if they wish. It was very hot and humid today and Mike was a champ tromping through town with me to view the art.

6 thoughts on “Easton’s Plein Air Festival

  1. This sounds like a wonderful fun event. I’ll have to try it sometime. It’s so good to have you back posting so often. I really missed reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing with us all and have a happy weekend.

  2. I don’t know how those plein air artists do it. My very few attempts at it have been sub-mediocre. Heat, wind and bugs get to me, but the real reason is that I just can’t translate what I’m seeing in 3D onto a flat surface. At least, not in a short period of time when the light keeps changing. And it’s even worse if I try to capture subjects that keep changing position!

  3. Great photo essay, taking in the light, shade, colors, people and concentration. Looks like a nice community. What a way to celebrate a sense of place. Some really good painters here, too.

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