Chasing the Light & Porches


I love photographing light and shadows thrown by the light. As it has been for most of the United States it is hot and humid. The two sunset photos were taken just after storms blew through. The sun coming through the trees was taken in the early morning as I headed to work. 

We have been having lots of visitors recently between family, friends and wildlife. We had great fun having cookouts and hanging out. We had such a busy social schedule,which is very unusual for both of us, that Mike asked if we could have a few quiet weekends. I need them too as I still have odds and ends to unpack or donate. I failed to take photos of the friends and family visiting but I did take photos of the tree frogs who crawl up our kitchen window to eat the bugs drawn by th light. I loved the butterfly who hung out with me on the porch. Even in high heat and humidity I love sitting on the porch. Especially at night listening to the crickets and cicadas. I love front porches! 

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who reads my blog. I was touched and awed by the sweet comments I have received in the past few weeks. I really appreciate it very much and am happy to be back to posting. 

Have a beautiful weekend. Namaste.

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