The Big Picture

The big picture is something I need to work on both in my personal life and professional life. Lately I have had to focus on the immediate picture due to outside influences and it was while grocery shopping with Mike on Friday that I realized I lost sight of the big picture. We had just come from his physical therapy appointment and he was feeling not the best but he wanted to grocery shop. We headed to the store and usually I push the cart while he grabs the items and keeps track of our running total. He needed the cart to steady himself a little and I found myself lost with having the control of the cart. Without realizing it at first I had grabbed the front of the cart and was still steering it while he pushed it. After two aisles of this I suddenly realized with horror what I was doing. Mike never said a word but I was mortified to find I was such a little control freak. I think a lot of it stems from being alone and fiercely independent for over twenty years. I apologized to Mike and told him I needed to work on that and the fact we are in this together on everything. It has been quite an adjustment for me to be in such a loving and giving relationship with Mike. I need to step back and see the whole picture and not just my picture. These photos of the moon last night with the dot of a jet in the sky as well as sunset tonight reminded me that I in fact control little but how I react to things. Mindfulness is a practice I forget in times of stress. I some homework to do.

2 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. “Easygoing” is one of the first qualities I look for in a partner. I’ve been really lucky the past 15 years–he is STILL easygoing, even though I can be a trial sometimes. Looks like you have found a similar blessing.

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