Sunsets, Gardens & Happiness

One thing strong storms bring is colorful sunsets both before the storm arrives and after they leave. The tropical storm named Hermine ended up bringing only strong winds for a day with little rain where we live. 

The gardens are winding down but some flowers are really exploding. I love the blooms of flowers even after they are past bloom. I find the beauty in their passing good for my soul. 

Meadow has been having some health issues but she is just about cured of them now. She really is a delight and a joy dog. She makes me laugh every day. 

Mike is still recovering from the accident. He has an additional three weeks of therapy on top of the four weeks he has completed. He is still not cleared by the doctor to drive yet but hopefully next month. I have been getting lots of podcasts listened to during Mike’s physical therapy and doctors appointments. I can now find my way to the hospital with my eyes closed unlike the night Mike had the accident and I googled how to get there. It has been a learning experience for both of us and thankfully brought us closer together rather than tear us apart. I wonder if helping to care for my dad during his hip replacement recovery many years ago taught me how to care for Mike when he really could not move his neck and back comfortably. I have found I learned a lot from dad that I had not realized until now. I know my dad would love Mike. I wish my dad could see how successful I am at my job at ups-having the respect of the drivers, loaders and management, how successful I am at pet sitting. My greatest sadness as Mike and I prepare for our wedding is that my dad will not be there nor will he know Mike. I look at my older sisters with envy that dad able to walk them down the aisle and watch with joy their weddings and birth of their children. 

However weddings are meant to be happy. Our wedding will be paid for well in advance of the date. It will be an inexpensive wedding and a unique one. I want it to reflect Mike and my relationship and our love without regard for tradition. We do not have a wedding planner other than myself. We are keeping it as stress free as possible. Much as we try to live our life. We both had baggage and demons to be rid of and with hard work both apart and together we found peace and happiness. 

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