Searching for Definition 

It sometimes feel as if the days blend one into the next. I have been trying get myself to leave my office more at work and interact with people. I walk to the front of the building to take photos of the sunset or clouds and today the moon. I used filters on all of these. I finally understand what Deborah Glessner was trying to explain to me about making a photo rather than just taking a photo. I am gaining confidence in the program I use and am hoping to branch out to other ones in the future.

I realized today as Mike and I paid the caterer and tent rental company that our wedding is a little less than two months away. We have kept our costs low and well within our means. We have requested no gifts as we truly do not want for anything. That has made some uncomfortable but it is something Mike and I feel strongly about. I think I am finally getting excited about the wedding and reception. 

When I divorced twelve years ago I vowed never to marry again. I did not date again for a long time. My nephew Jeremy would gently ask me whenever we talked if I was dating yet. And after four years I said I was trying again. Many trials and tribulations in dating ensued over the years-between people wanting to play match maker and navigating the many online dating sites-I finally found Mike. The first man I wanted to date more than a first date. When we made it past the fourth date I started thinking hmmm this may be a long term thing. Now two years after we first met we are living together, looking forward to a marriage in May and blending our lives together has been amazingly effortless. 

I find Mike’s support and encouragement in my endeavors a big help-photography, writing and soon horseback riding.

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