Some Thoughts Before My Wedding 

My marriage to Mike is now two days away. Everything is all set and has been for a while. People laughed at me a year ago when I booked a tent, caterer, ice cream, minister and toilet facilities but after all I’ve been through over the last two months it was a blessing to have everything all set. I am happy to have both my mom and step dad doing very well after their car accident one month ago. It was quite a shift for them to rely on me for things most take for granted. They are still not 100% but are darn close. Mike had a health scare a month and a half ago but again all turned out well. 
Mike has been reflecting a lot on our relationship and how it has developed over the past two years. Our relationship has been fairly easy without much friction. Mike is very kind and gentle but doesn’t take crap from anyone. He is more relaxed now and quick to smile. His brother has told me Mike did not smile for seven years prior to meeting me. Mike has brought me a sense of peace that had been just out of my reach for much of my life. I always believed and still do that you have to be happy with oneself before you can allow another in to share your life. I ran hard and fast from others before Mike who states to me “I can make you happy and complete you.” I did not need that in my life and told men I was already happy and did not need them to make me happy. Yuck. Mike did not push that agenda on me. He and I allowed our relationship to develop through texts, phone calls and time together. 

In getting ready for the wedding I was unprepared for the hundreds of questions everyone has-what flowers do you want ?what colors do you want? what should I wear? I need directions to the location. etc. I found that most stressful not the actual planning and paying for the wedding itself. I am proud to say we are not in debt with the wedding and it is completely paid for and not on charge cards. Sunday May 7 we start a new chapter and do not have to worry about paying for the wedding for the rest of the year. I am a similar stickler in buying for Christmas. I hate carrying much debt. 

I am looking forward to a week and a half off from ups. And hope to get much done. We are honeymooning in October in Maine.

Mike has told me he will plant me an iris garden for next spring as I love irises.

8 thoughts on “Some Thoughts Before My Wedding 

  1. Will be thinking of you and Mike on your special day. Enjoy yourselves!!! Love and peace, Cheryl

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