Readjusting and Reflectng 

I took this photo last Sunday at the farm. I was happy to hear the geese calling. It is one of my favorite times of the year. After the spring peepers the calls of large flocks of geese is wonderful to my ears. The geese help me connect with nature when life causes me to forget about it. 

Mike and I had a wonderful vacation and spending time with family and friends. We both found spending time with my nephew and his family to be meaningful and relaxing. I enjoyed spending time with my great nephew Noah and got lots of smiles from him. Mike held and fed Noah a bottle. It was the first baby Mike ever held or spent time around. It was heartwarming to see Mike and Noah checking each other out. I captured many photos of my nephew and his wife with Noah as well as a few of Mike with Noah. I am getting better taking portraits and candid shots of people. 

Maine was magical for me as always. I love how different the coast is here as opposed to where I live. The beaches in Maryland and Delaware are sandy with barrier islands helping to protect some of the beaches whereas Maine has the rocky coast. I can sit for hours watching the waves crash against the rocks. Another thing I enjoy is the lack of air traffic going overhead. At most we saw a couple of planes a day heading overseas or those coming from across the Atlantic. A town north of where we stay is the point where airlines deposit unruly passengers prior to the trek across the Atlantic or those who are disruptive while over the Atlantic. I find it fascinating that Bangor Maine has the facilities to deal the airlines unruly people. 

I have found it a difficult adjustment to be back to work. Two days after returning home I started a two week overnight pet sitting job. I love caring for the pets and hope to expand my reiki practice. I sometimes forget to use reiki on myself. Mike has thrown himself into projects around our home. Meadow was happy to see us. I find myself wishing for more time at home but have been struggling to find the balance to do so. I have rededicated myself to reiki and also to writing. I hope to continue on my journey for reinventing myself and what my life looks like.

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