Colors of Sunset & Change

This afternoon’s sunset-the first two with filters. Was also graced with an up close and personal view of a juvenile bald eagle. I enjoyed sunset at the farm with Michael. It was a beautiful sunset complete with hundreds of Canada geese flying and calling.

I have been slowly settling into the realization that I don’t have prepare myself for work tomorrow other than a pet sitting job. Everyone keeps asking me how it feels and I honestly don’t know how to answer. I just left my long time job Friday. It was a peaceful and successful end to twenty one years at the job. It will be a definite adjustment to not work the night shift. I am looking forward to cooking more, reading the large collection of books I have and finally writing more. Michael and I are scoping out free museums in the area as well as buying a pass that allows us to get into the various National Wildlife Refuges in our region. We have four within an hour’s drive of our home. We both love to bird and observe wildlife. I purchased Michael a nice pair of Nikon binoculars for his upcoming birthday.

I am settling into the idea that a new way of life is coming my way. And I am eager to embrace whatever it looks like.

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