Dreams and Nightmares

I awoke with the knowledge that I was not dead. I had my familiar nightmare of witnessing a tsunami and trying to get away. I ran up four flights of stairs knowing that those on the beach and below me in the building were surely gone. I watched in horror as the land around the building was swallowed up with water and then the water came relentlessly up the three stories below me before I forced myself to wake up. I often wonder if I drowned in a previous life or lives as I have many dreams and nightmares involving water-going down with a ship, tsunamis and sneaker waves.

I am not sure why I have this recurring dream. Sometimes I am resigned to my demise and others I fight like hell to try and survive. I have never been able to really correlate the dreams with anything going on in my life but I do use them as means to reassess how I am feeling and search myself for what may be troubling me that I have not acknowledged.

My mother and father told me over the years that my dreams and nightmares have always been vivid. I would often come down in the morning and share what happened in my dreams-flying, swimming, piloting planes, playing with dragons, talking with the dead and other oddities.

I suppose being an aspiring writer and photographer means I am in my head a lot. And my head when asleep still processes things. I am in a readjustment phase of my life that perhaps I have not acknowledged to myself how big it really is. I have a bit of guilt over leaving my old job without another one lined up, I am relieved to not have the stress in me this holiday season.

I took the photos while driving home from Camden-Wyoming DE. The third one in particular draws me in with the light and shadows.

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