Saving Turtles & An Old Fuddy Duddy

I was brought to consciousness early this morning with a rumble of thunder. At first I thought I dreamt it but quickly found out by the flashes of lightning that it was indeed a thunderstorm. I was surprised by it as I thought the storms were supposed to be done by midnight. The storm kept me up for about an hour or so. I got back to sleep and woke up again when the dogs got me up to go outside. I enjoyed walking the dogs at 6:20 in the cool of early morning. It is supposed to be hot and humid today. (It is though the humidity is not too bad.) I set out around 7 to meet Michael at the farm. I waited for him by the airport in town. I was engrossed in a podcast when he pulled up behind me and was surprised to see him out of his truck walking up to my driver side window. He was upset with a catch in his voice. He asked if I saw him back up at the intersection. He tried to save a turtle crossing the street but someone hit it before he could get back there. I told him how sorry I was and then he went back to the truck and we continued on to the farm. We had to stop quite a few times-first for deer crossing the road, the baby squirrels running all over confused and finally a multitude of rabbits. After caring for the animals at the farm we headed out for breakfast. While driving to breakfast we managed to save two box turtles crossing the road. Michael moved the first one and I picked up the second and helped it cross the road safely. I don’t really understand how people can hit turtles.

After a quiet breakfast together Michael headed home and I drove to church to join my mom for services. I have been going once or twice a month with my mom since my stepdad died. I have found that in spite of thinking of myself as open minded and adaptive to change that the changes that have been made to the service kind of bother me. It’s nothing major but I am struggling to adapt. I miss the songs I learned as a child that I can sing without a hymnal. This morning they wanted us to sing a refrain along with the choir. I knew it was not the songs of my childhood when I saw one of the choir members had a tambourine. Oh dear God I thought I just want the comfort of what I know. I realize a lot of churches are trying new things to draw new members and I get it. I am an old fuddie duddie when it comes to church. I was shocked to find that out about myself. One new thing I did find I enjoyed was during the scripture reading. The reader gives you history and background of the passages. It really opened my eyes to different thoughts this morning. I went up to the man who read the passages this morning and let him know the history helped me better understand the readings.

After church ended I slowly made my way to the exits pausing every so often to wait for my mom. Many people want to chat and check in with her and I try to give her space to express her feelings without me hovering. I found myself face to face with a delightful woman who told me she was so happy I was at the service. She knew I was with my mom and asked where I live. She then shared with me that she is in the process of moving and was apprehensive about it but knew it was for the best. She told me she has dementia and was moving with her husband to a facility that allows for progressive care. They are starting out with a cottage to allow for independent living but can progress to apartments or even a nursing home all on one property. My mom shared with her that moving is one of the most stressful things in life. My mom herself is still unpacking from the move she and my stepdad made last September. The woman we were talking to seemed to find comfort in expressing her fears. She did not seem to fear the dementia but was more fearful of a new home. She and her husband are bringing their dog and some plants and flowers for a garden. I was touched by this woman’s strength and courage to reach out to me and talk openly. I hope to see her again the next time I head back to church.

It has been a day that has found me at one with the universe and one where I am in awe of my husband who saves turtles and has maintained a nature preserve at our property. I am in awe of the woman at church and also my mom as she is navigating new old ground. This is her second time as a widow. I have learned a lot from helping her and watching as she continues on without my stepdad.

3 thoughts on “Saving Turtles & An Old Fuddy Duddy

  1. Becca,
    Thank you for the lovely garden picture today.
    I have no garden now, my son and family bought my house and are making it their own. My husband and I live with them as these changes are made. It’s been 16 months now, our condo won’t be ready until next spring.
    Your photos and blog help me so very much. Thank you for your honesty and courage to share.
    Change seems to be every day and some days every hour 😌. It’s part of life now but can be exhausting. Especially spiritually……
    This is too long, but I thank you for your blog.
    Very sincerely,
    Teri Manzanares

  2. I think a lot of what keeps people going to church is the ritual. And when it changes, some of the comfort of that predictable service is lost. I don’t think being open-minded or adaptive to change is that much of a factor in your disappointment–it’s more like just being human!

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