A Life Raft

Life is finally relatively quiet after quite a few years of ups, downs and everything in between. A legal matter recently reached its conclusion not quite in the manner we expected but thankfully we can now move forward. The stress of the case as well as health issues, family matters and just the grind of day to day living took its toll on me. I felt after the legal case I was in a life boat in the middle of the ocean waiting for the next tsunami to hit. Thankfully life has actually been quiet for the past ten days. I read a book for the first time in about two years. I have started a second book. Michael has been busy working on our yard and gardens. It is a treat to sit on the porch at the end of the day or during rainstorms and just enjoy the quiet. Michael has planted moonflowers in front of our porch. It has been providing a nice curtain of shade. I will post some photos when it starts blooming.

We have been helping both of our mothers navigate some of the challenges that they have been having. Michael has been helping both of our mom’s with their gardens. He also mows his mom’s lawn. Both of our mom’s are recent widows again.

We have been on a recent quest to downsize our belongings. We have not adopted the whole does it bring you joy concept but we are working on having less. We have been pretty successful selling some things and donating others. I try to take it in small steps and not the whole throw yourself into a new life now.

I recently attuned Michael to reiki and we have been giving each other reiki. It has really made a difference. Now to work on building a business on it. I have a pet and house sitting business that I have had now for more than twenty years and know what it takes to build a business from the ground up. It took me about four years to build a reliable and healthy pet sitting business. I hope to build my reiki business in less time but will leave it up to the universe to guide me.

I love this photo of Michael taken recently on

One thought on “A Life Raft

  1. So good to hear Becca. Like starting over again. Best with your Reiki business, I have now doubt it will flourish as you do.

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