Tuesday was the fourth day of my vacation. I connected with two dear friends, one whom I have known for almost twenty years and the other I believe is someone I knew in a previous life.
I met with one friend in the morning. She came to my home. We had a great time hanging out and talking about everything. Nothing is held back. I included the picture of the porch and rocker as it reminded me of sitting on the back porch talking with my Dad when I was growing up. Due to his job he was only home in weekends but he loved his porch and talking. We could talk about anything. Even though my friend is twenty years younger than me we talk like we are equals. It is nice. I was a bit punchy though from little sleep after staying up all night waiting for a rocket launch. Well worth it but oh I need my eight hours of sleep every night.
I met with my other friend in the afternoon. It was another nice meeting. Again can talk about anything. It took me a long time to get rid of negative influences and friends in my life and boy do I value the ones I have now.
This vacation is really teaching me to slow down, take chances, reconnect and do fun things.
I deeply value my friends and family who encourage and support me. I never would have started this blog without much encouragement from four friends. And thanks to Abby the cat who has kept me company in the past six months during an earthquake, a hurricane and three months of winter. She inspires me too! Creativity is flowing now.

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