I love wind chimes. Listening to the way the wind catches them. The way they give another sound to wind rather than it blowing through the grasses and trees.

The tea kettle wind chime with silverware reminds me of my grandparents. My maternal grandmother and how she always made ice tea for us when we would visit no matter what time of the year. Unheard of living in New England! You did not drink ice tea after labor day. She always set out her best silver too when we would visit. When she visited us we would have tea parties. I would come home from school and walk down the driveway to find her sitting in the rocking chair waiting for our return. As always the chair was facing out the window. My paternal grandparents hailed from English and German parents. Tea, crumpets, and Yorkshire pudding! Yum.

The dragonflies drew me in. I can’t wait to see the dragonflies and damson flies this summer. Some cultures feel they are deceased loved ones returning for a visit or bearing a message. Like falling stars they warm my heart.

Look for beauty everywhere you go as it is all around once you open you eyes, heart and mind.

3 thoughts on “Windchimes

  1. I share your love of wind chimes, and I am trying to let go of things that aren’t important….no more wasted time on worry!

    • Wind chimes are wonderful, aren’t they? It makes me happy to know someone else is working towards letting go of worry. I have been working hard on it for quite a while and have been pretty successful but every so often it does sneak up on me. But thankfully it does not last as long as it used to. Have a beautiful and joy filled weekend!

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