Pieces of my life



Two pieces of my life-a view from my bed. Comfy cozy under a handmade quilt. It was something I always wanted but was intimidated to purchase. I was scared of the old patterns and the high cost. To my delight I found an artist who makes funky quilts in upstate New York. Maria Wulf of Full Moon Fiber Arts opened my eyes on what quilts can be and how affordable they can be. I know have three of hers!
I love my Chakra wall hangings and the view through my kitchen and finally into my living room. My fall lights on the wall to chase away the darkness, my books and artwork. It all fits and is me. This apartment flows so nicely. I loved my last old Victorian apartment but this place has allowed me to open up, down size and expand creatively and take chances. To step through fear I never would have before.
I have started this blog, been drawing more, star gazing more and living my life as I wish to. I have found I am getting comfortable with myself and don’t need to live as others think I need to or as I think others think I should. I keep going into minimalist homes and thinking it is how I should live. I enjoy being there but when I get home I know it is not me. I need a few knick-knacks about.

My other piece of my life is a picture of the Capital building in DC. I took it when I was there for a NASA function in February. I love DC! I don’t always agree with the politics but I love all the museums, the monuments, the restaurants, and the metro. I love living on the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland but can drive one hour and then a twenty minute subway ride and be on the mall. It feeds the yin and yang of my soul. Country mouse and city mouse.

3 thoughts on “Pieces of my life

  1. I love the Chakra hangings also. Thanks for letting me see your living space, as I have not had a chance to personally. Saw Mars over the moon Tuesday night. Quite nice!
    Always be yourself. In the end, you are the only one you need to please.

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