Over the past few months I have adopted Thich Nhat Hanh’s walking meditation into my life. I have found such peace. He presents meditation in simple every day language that it does not make me feel like I have to sign up for a weekend retreat or feel like failure if my mind wanders. I have met many people who meditate who proudly proclaim how long they meditate for. Me? Life gets in the way- bills to pay, jobs to get to, family, friends, and so on. I have tried a number of times in the past to meditate but only came away frustrated. With the walking meditation it allows my Gemini mind to quiet down while still doing something. Like I said I find it very peaceful. I love Tai Chi for the same reason, moving meditation.

Over the past few nights I have gone out front to sit on the chairs pictured above and sit by the pond. I shut off my phone, sit down and listen to the birds and watch the wind blow across the pond. I have found to my surprise my mind empties and I am in the moment. It is quite pleasant. I sat out there for thirty five minutes. Then I went exploring. We have walking paths in the housing development and I found a path I had not taken. It led right to the river. It was beautiful. Like a secret garden. As I was walking back thirty robins, a number of mockingbirds, bluebirds and purple martins came with me. When I looked up and saw two adult bald eagles join us briefly before flying home for the night I understood St Francis of Assisi’s love of animals and how he connected with God through them.

5 thoughts on “Meditating

  1. I love how you have pointed out there is always a way to do something (meditation) that works for you specifically. Rather than have failed at it, you found a way to be successful and calm and centered. It is not always easy to do that!

    • Thank you. I have a hard time sitting still so these both work well for me. Though surprisingly lately I can sit quietly for longer periods of time while meditating. Though for me a long period is ten minutes!

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