Abby’s going home tomorrow




Abby goes home tomorrow after her winter stay with me. I’ll miss her greeting me at the top of the stairs when I came home from work. I’m sure she will be happy to be living back in a house and not an apartment. She will love her screened in porch again. She is welcome back next winter if she is still around. I was shocked when my stepdad told me she was fifteen. She does not act fifteen. She runs around like a young cat, jumps in and out of boxes I have left out for her and has no problem getting around. She has been good company. However, I will now not feel guilty doing overnight pet sitting jobs. I felt bad leaving her home when I went to do the overnights but it is how I make my living besides walking dogs and checking on cats, chickens, goats and horses.

Maybe I will purchase a goldfish. Or expand my houseplant collection.

3 thoughts on “Abby’s going home tomorrow

  1. Ha I didn’t realize I had already shared the one photo of Abby before. It is one of my favorites. She is covering her eyes with her paw in my yellow chair with my teddy bear from when I was a baby.

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