Ospreys & Success



I was outside with the dogs today when a loud splash caught my attention. I turned to the pond just in time to see an osprey arise from the water unsuccessful in it’s attempt to get a fish. It was the first time I had ever seen that. I have often seen ospreys afterwards flying around grasping the fish in their talons but never before had I seen an osprey in the water. I decided to sit outside for a bit and watch to see if it continued to hunt. The osprey was very silent while hunting. Soaring high for a bit, coming down to about a hundred feet above the water then flapping to hover and all the sudden it happened it folded it’s wings and dove with a spectacular splash again into the pond. Once again unsuccessfully. It tried two more times. Silent each time. Then from behind the houses I heard I high pitched call of an osprey! A call of success. The osprey’s mate had caught a fish in the back pond and was calling out it’s success. Immediately the two joined up and flew off. I believe to their nest as it is nesting time for Ospreys here in Maryland. The bottom picture is a half completed osprey nest at a farm I used to work at-their first nest was taken over by Great Horned Owls and I’m not sure why this one was left. I took this picture two years ago. I admire the Ospreys for their determination but I imagine any wild animal has determination just to survive but what I like most is how they call out in triumph to announce they have acquired their food. They celebrate their success. So often we are taught it is bad form or egotistical to celebrate our successes or to even be positive but I believe it is what makes the world a better place. Bad news sells, gossip travels, the world sits by with bated breath every time there is a horrible murder and then a trial, but one hardly ever hears when someone helps another and expects nothing in return, a person learns that difficult piece on the piano, a poem gets published, friends reconnect…
I often wish and hope that someday we celebrate the world’s positive achievements and call them out like the osprey but until then I will do my own part and celebrate my family, friends and the world’s achievements.

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