Who Inspires You?



Today is my Dad’s birthday. He was always a driving force behind my writing. He was very encouraging. He usually brought journals or notebooks for me when he came home from business trips. I loved to write from a young age. I guess I was little strange growing up as I loved to leaf through dictionaries looking at words and their definitions. He and my mom encouraged me to read though I don’t think they realized I would devour books and one day have more books than anything else in my apartment. He overcame a lot in his life, provided a comfortable life for our family and died far too soon. But eighteen years after his death he continues to inspire me to write and not waste a day on worry and not having some fun. He taught me to treat all people with dignity and respect. He taught me you treat the janitor of the company the same way you would treat the CEO of the company. That lesson has served me well.

I am inspired by so many people-many are nameless I pass them in my travels during the day. Sometimes they briefly catch my eye and other times I am drawn into their lives.

I am inspired by some of my friends who recently decided they were not happy any more with their lot in life and they were going to make a change and leap of faith.

Who inspires you? I would love to hear and learn from you.

8 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. Discovery inspires,
    Never tires,
    Be it in nature,
    In a brook or a book,
    Color on a tree or a bee,
    A chat with a friend,
    Of the future or the past,
    These are the many things,
    That make my heart start,
    New sightings of a frog or a blog,
    To sit on a log,
    Look up at the sky,
    Be it clouds or the stars,
    And wonder why,
    Till the day that I die.

  2. I recognize those pictures!!! Beautiful recognition of your Dad and his influence in your life everyday. I see him in you. Keep writing and sharing, you are inspiring us all.

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