What do you do…?



What do you do for fun when you are busy? I wondered that today as I headed into another hour of work. I work full time for myself and also have a part time job five days a week. Usually I have weekends off but not this one. I was off and running both mornings with a full day of caring for pets and animals. One thing that I enjoy is the weekend shows on NPR as they are usually light hearted and not political or inflammatory. I love Cartalk. Reminds me of New England where I grew up. I discovered an old time radio program on Sunday nights that I love. I am a fan of Dragnet, Gunsmoke & Johnny Dollar. The Green Hornet has grown on me. I get some good bird watching in and am always looking at the sky, clouds, weather and stars. Sometimes I find myself becoming the proverbial Sunday driver. I have to get to my next pet sitting job but I enjoy the drive, do the speed limit and admire the view. I usually get passed by many people in mad dashes to get to church, get their morning cup of coffee or are just used to doing ten miles above the speed limit on the road. Today when I was finished my work I was in the town of Oxford which happens to house the best ice cream in the world. The Scottish Highland Creamery makes homemade ice cream in small batches so I treated myself to a small dish. The best part is they are right on the water next to a boat landing. So you can enjoy or watch boats, sailboats, kayaks and the occasional jet ski motor by.


The Scottish Highland Creamery pictured above.

I always keep a book nearby too. I can get lost in most any book. I usually have my camera with me. Lately I have also been addicted to watching the Osprey hunt. I can almost tell the point when they are going to dive into the pond and then with two or three powerful flaps rise back out of the water. It is truly amazing to watch. My own reality show right outside.

What do you do to have fun if time is short?

4 thoughts on “What do you do…?

  1. When time is short just sitting outside in my yard, enjoying the sun and watching the birds brings me happiness! I love Cartalk too, those guys make me laugh just listening to them laugh! Wait, Wait don’t tell me usually has me laughing out loud too!

    • That sounds great! I usually get more freckles from the sun but love the bird watching. I love the guys laughing too. A cousin got me hooked on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a couple of years back. I would love to go to one of their live shows. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your input and thoughtful insights.

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