The Magic of Night



I was driving down the Oxford Road tonight after work stewing about a long stressful night. I was worried about two major decisions I had made and the repercussions that could come with them if they failed. The Oxford Road is a combination of farmland, two golf courses, homes and miles of woods and open fields-prime real estate for the hefty deer population we have. It is dangerous to exceed the speed limit or let your mind wander too much lest the deer decide to leap across the road.
I made it most of the way with no trouble but what snapped me out of my funk and back to a state of wonder was when an owl fly down and then up in front of my windshield. I think it was a Great Horned Owl but it may have been a Barred Owl. It made me gasp when it appeared. It was a sign! Of what I don’t know. Maybe pay attention to the road and stop worrying! So I started paying attention. I was smiling and then I noticed a tiny flash up ahead. No it wasn’t me going crazy though at first I thought I was. I thought it was too early for fireflies. But when I got to my pet sitting job and walked the dogs again I saw the flash again. It can’t be Glinda the good witch. So I got on line to our local bird watching list serve and sure enough one of the prominent birders had posted that he had seen them over the past weekend at his place which is across the river from where I am. Between the owl and the fireflies and of course the dogs all is well again in my world.
I hope all is well in yours and life is not getting you down. Remember there are small miracles and reminders all around to tell us not to give up!!

Are the fireflies out yet where you are? How about the owls? Frogs? Migrating birds?

14 thoughts on “The Magic of Night

  1. Becca, I’m having some difficult time at my part-time job as well, and your post made me smile. I love all things nature; especially watching the birds…my backyard is planted solely for the purpose of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies…and listening to the sounds and songs. Thank you for reminding me, that there are signs and miracles around me every day and it will be okay and it is all good. Sending you a smile from me, the boys.! Hope you have a magical day!!!!! Syl

    • Your yard and garden sound like a slice of heaven for hummingbirds and butterflies. I’m sure it is peaceful. I love nature and have since i was a small child bit sometimes I need reminders when I get wrapped up in everything. Thank you for sharing and sending your thoughts. I hope things get better at your job. Blessings to you!

  2. I don’t think I have ever seen a firefly…I will have to do some research and find out if they live in my area. Thank you for the reminder about small miracles …they really are everywhere!

    • Thanks for sharing. Just an FYI I don’t think fireflies is the true scientific term for the insect. Growing up we called them lightening bugs too. I think there are a couple of different types of them. But they usually come out around here later in the summer when it is warmer. They are a sure sign of summer in Maryland.

  3. I am fortunate to live in a home in Maine with a 4-acre field on the side of a pond. It’s still to early for gardening except for peas and pansies, but without much of a winter we’ve had time to work on the soil.

    There are many kinds of birds and wildlife. Lots of birds in the 12 bird houses I share with my neighbors and more in the “apartment” fir trees. For the last few days we’ve had two huge geese roaming through the yards, I regularly see bald eagles and osprey that nest in the nearly estuary. No fireflies, yet!


    • Hi Sue
      Oh how I envy you and your Maine property. I love it there. I vacation in Southern Maine and have family there too. Maine sings to my soul.
      Your field and pond sound delightful. The eagles and osprey are wonderful to see aren’t they? I love your description of the apartment fir trees.
      Thank you for sharing! Enjoy Maine! And the wildlife.

  4. No fireflies here in Colorado unfortunately! I do miss them. I’m 53 years old, but when I visit back East and see them again, I go right back to being a kid again! Life is getting me down today, your post was just what I needed to read today. Thanks for reminding me of the good things around me!

  5. Here in Western Kentucky all you mention are visible now. Great way to end a day sitting on the porch watching the lightning bugs. With the occasional owl hoot anticipating the first whip-poor-wills call of the night.

  6. I love the firefly sighting! Not any in my humble yard near the sea. But I have hummingbirds back, chickadees nesting in my new birdhouse and woke up and looked out at the right time this morning to see a rose breasted grosbeak on my feeder. A life lister for this birder. Positive thoughts are the best, my dear sister, and sun and birds and fireflies remind us of how awesome Mother Nature is and how blessed we are, those of us who pay attention to her speakings.

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