Donkeys, Chuckles & Thanks



My Mom was eager to show me the donkey pictured above that sits on her neighbor’s front lawn. Mom can see it from her recliner in the family room. She gets a chuckle out of it every time she sees it. The neighbors have it lite up at night. The donkey was won at an auction in DC. Like Chicago had it’s steers that were painted and decorated around town, DC had donkeys and elephants. This donkey was given a new life and was changed a bit from what it looked like displayed on the streets of DC. The current owners have applied a beautiful mosaic in a space theme-sun, moon, stars, space shuttle and astronaut. The sun is spread across the donkeys rear and the moon over his left flank. It is pretty cool in their sleepy little neighborhood.



The roses are from my Mom and step dad’s garden. They both love to garden. And enjoy the birds. So far they have entertained hummingbirds, sparrows, robins, blue jays, red wing blackbirds and an indigo bunting.

I was excited today to see a pileated woodpecker on my travels. I love to see them. I wish I could see cedar wax wings more. But I think I am so busy looking up at eagles, hawks, ospreys and planes that I forget to check the trees.

What makes you chuckle? I have a waving Queen Elizabeth that sits next to me when I sit down at night. She always makes me smile though I am fairly sure the Queen herself would not be amused by the likeness of herself waving. My Mom likes her donkey looking from across the street.

What birds still make you stop and take a second look?

Happy Thursday all! Many thanks for taking the time to read. I really appreciate it and am always humbled by it.

6 thoughts on “Donkeys, Chuckles & Thanks

  1. Hi, Becca!

    Have been enjoying your blog with photographs for several weeks now, ever since Jon Katz recommended it.

    I saw a pileated woodpecker when I first moved into my present house in 2004. What a sight! But he was very shy and hid from me on the other side of a tree trunk. I had to be patient and very still in order to get a second look before he flew off with a great flap of wings. Have not seen him since. I have also seen quite a few hawks; pretty intimidating. All the other birds fly off quickly as they approach the yard. I am seeing a lot of mourning dove babies this spring and quite a few mockingbirds. The blue jays are pretty nunerous this spring, too. And I am seeing quite a few smaller woodpeckers, their bright red heads easy to see among the green leaves. I located nests in both my honeysuckle vine trained on a trellis and in the Meyer lemon tree this spring. Mother birds have been very busy this year at my house.

    My two fuzzy-wuzzies, Belle and Daisy, both mixed breed terriers, always provide many daily laughs with their numerous antics, especially when they play together. They truly enrich my life.

    Take care,
    Pearl River, Louisiana

    • Hi Cheryl
      The birds in your yard sound plentiful. That is pretty amazing you can see the baby mourning doves and find some of the nests! The only baby birds I get to see are goslings and baby barn swallows who always amuse me when they grow almost too big for their nest. I love honeysuckle. I have never seen a lemon tree. I’ll have to look it up.
      Belle and Daisy sound like they provide many hours of enjoyment. Terriers are great for that aren’t they.
      Thank you for sharing. I really do appreciate it and enjoy it! Becca

  2. Hi Becca! I too started reading your blog after Jon K. recommended it! And I’ve enjoying reading ever since….

    I saw my one and only pileated woodpecker at Valley Forge in PA, I was so excited. My daughter was with me and we still talk about it!

    It’s funny that you mentioned cedar waxwings as I saw a large flock just yesterday morning, what a treat! Don’t see them too often here either so very glad when I do!

    Enjoy your day too!

    • Hi Penny
      I have only seen one cedar waxwing in my life but they are always the bird I am drawn to whenever I see pictures of birds. I would have loved to seen your flock of cedar waxwings.
      I am so glad that you enjoy my blog. I am so grateful that Jon Katz liked my blog enough to share it. I was honestly surprised to see it on his blog. His wife Maria was the biggest influence I had on starting a blog. She encouraged me from the beginning. Without her and Jon I probably never would have been brave enough to write. I have always written I have just never shared it before. I am always humbled, amazed and happy that people take time out of there busy days to read my blog. I have enjoyed all my interactions with everyone. I am delighted that you share your thoughts too.
      Many thanks again!

  3. I managed to capture a pileated woodpecker with the camera this morning. I was photographing an Eagle chick and parent in the nest. I kept hearing a pileated calling. Next thing I know the pair fly overhead and land in good light on a pine tree. It does not matter the bird if it stops where I can watch it I will take a second look.

    • That is pretty cool you photographed one. I have never heard one call. Nor had the presence of mind to try to get a picture when I see one. I am always amazed when I see one. I am loving the birds this year. Still trying to learn their calls. I love that you can photograph an active eagles nest.

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