Goats, Horses, Cats & Fireflys



Even though my college degree in animal science specializes with horses the vast majority of my pet sitting jobs consist of caring for dogs and cats. Therefore it is always a treat for me to care for farm animals. Today I cared for a small herd of goats, two horses and many cats. The goats make me smile. They are quite the characters filled with personality. The ones I care for are confident and yet polite when it comes to feeding time. In the past I had cared for very large flocks of sheep. They are entirely different-skittish, pushy at feeding time and I found a little harder to care for in the summer. I learned a lot from the sheep though especially around lambing time. Goats are not quite as cute but I love their spunk.
I got my soul satisfying horse fix today caring for the two horses. I fed them and just checked on their well being. I don’t need to ride a horse to feel a connection. I love caring for them and miss doing it full time.
After leaving the goats and horses I headed off to care for some cats. Four cats total-two are friendly and social. They hang out while I prepare their food and want attention. The other two are not quite sure of me even though I have been caring for them for two years. However, one of the shy ones today did sneak a peak and watched me with the two friendly cats for a bit before deciding it was just too scary to hang out.
I find there is something satisfying to me to care for animals and I am content at the end of the day.
Tonight when I got home after dark I stayed outside to watch the fireflies blink all over like a strobe show. It was mesmerizing. A lovely day all around.

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