A Voyage Around the Sun




On Saturday I celebrate my birthday. I am looking forward to it. I enjoy reflecting on what I have achieved in the past year. From the smallest accomplishment to the biggest success as well the stuff that did not turn out in quite the way I expected.

I am definitely in a much better place spiritually and mentally than I was a few years back. It was truly a terrifying time and to know I came through it and survived is an amazing thing. I feel blessed. Once I turned that corner and was on my way again was when I decided I could not live in fear anymore. My life has not turned out in quite the way I expected it to and it is certainly not the conventional one people expect but I have grown to embrace it, learn from it and love it.

I am thankful for so many people in my life but one in particular is my cousin Kathy who is one of my biggest cheerleaders and who has always been there for me. She has seen me in my darkest days and in the brightest ones too.

I am grateful to Maria for her encouragement to get the blog started.

I am thankful to Jon for mentioning my blog on his site and saying such kind words about my blog. So many people followed the blog on his suggestion.

I am grateful to my parents for always encouraging me to write and supporting my love of reading. My sisters have humored me too on the reading front. They always know I will usually ask for a book for the holidays.

I am thankful for all the animals I care for and the wild ones I encounter.

And I am grateful for everyone who reads my blog. Many thanks!

I look forward to my next voyage around the sun. To do more writing, to meet new people, overcoming a fear every day, challenging myself, living in the moment, being happy and bringing happiness to the world.

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to enjoying Maryland steamed crabs and some ice tea!

19 thoughts on “A Voyage Around the Sun

  1. Many happy returns on your special day, Becca. Hope the year ahead is a great one for you!

    Pearl River, LA

  2. Have a most happy, fun and blessed birthday, Becca! In my book, those who overcome their fears are the true heroes, because it’s so hard to do. Bask in your accomplishment. It’s a big deal!

  3. I wish you a blessed and happy birthday that continues throughout the year. I’m glad Jon sent me to your blog. I always food for thought.

  4. Great blog today Beck…..thanks for the shutout! I love you and you inspire me everyday with your blog…keep it coming!!!!

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