Laid Low & Feeling Better



After being laid low with a bad chest cold for the week I am finally starting to feel better. Unfortunately with owning my own business and the company I work part time for five days a week I am not able to really take sick days. Vacation days I can plan for but sick days I cannot. It’s funny when you are ill everyone questions your diet, your health, where you have been and why you cannot shake it in a timeframe they feel appropriate. Thankfully after five days I am on the mend and to my knowledge did not make anyone else sick. It was my own personal chest cold. Also why do people feel it is better to be sick in the winter months and not the summer? Perplexing to me.

Being ill helped me to focus on what I really wanted to do, outside of work of course. I managed to view the transit of Venus across the Sun. I had to take my viewing glasses to work with me and wait for the clouds to clear but I saw it. I have seen great passes of the space station this week. I was able to view some of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities on tv. I was able to do extra reading. About the only thing I could not do was talk as I lost my voice due to the cold. I’m sure it was a blessing to those around me. I enjoyed not talking for a number of days. I was finally able to talk tonight.

I hope tomorrow to tidy up the house as I let it go while I rested this week in between work. I hope to read more and recover to complete wellness again.

I have missed the blog more than I realized I would. I hope you are all well and have a great weekend!

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