Ramblings & Happy to be Home!



After two weeks of overnight pet sitting jobs I am happy to be back home. There is nothing like one’s own bed and being among one’s own things. I am a book lover and love being surrounded by my books. I miss that when I am away. Though I do enjoy staying in different places. I find it interesting how people live and what they think they need to apologize for. Most apologize for the condition or appearance of their homes which I really don’t understand. I am there to care for the pets not judge on the condition of the house or how clean or dirty one happens to keep their homes. Are the animals happy and well cared for is what I look at. The second thing people apologize for is either the lack of satellite tv, cable tv or no tv at all. I lived for a number of years without tv so that is not a problem. I read or listen to the radio or music or just sit in silence. So many people today cannot. I learned how from my parents and grandparents. They all enjoyed quiet time. Silence is not to be feared. Just as the darkness need not be scary.

I love a dark night as then you can see so many more stars. Your ears tune into to the sounds of the night-crickets, cicadas, foxes, the wind, deer and other things that go bump in the night. At work about a month ago we lost electricity after a particularly violent thunderstorm. The storm had passed so a few of us stood outside and looked at the stars and marveled that we could see the planes in their landing pattern heading to BWI. With the electric on there is so much light pollution we never see the planes line up like that. It was fascinating.

Summer came with a heat wave to Maryland this week. Stay cool wherever you are and have a great Friday!

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