Pet Sitting & Magnolias



I have been pet sitting at a home that gets no cell phone or wifi reception for a week. It is rather nice to have all my calls go to voice mail and never hear the phone ring though I have missed posting on the blog. I am sitting in a Target parking lot to post this as I have two more days at this job.

I love being able to care for others pets. It allows me to continue to use my animal science degree and fulfill my love of caring for animals-big and small. The past month I have cared mostly for dogs and cats. I enjoy all the different personalities of the animals. The big dogs who think they are lap dogs and the little dogs who think they are big rough and tough.

I am always humbled when people hire me to care for their pets. It is an honor and pretty cool at the same time that people allow me into their lives to care for their pets. For some their pets are all they have, for others they are surrogate children and for other they are working animals. Regardless of their place they are all loved the same.

I enjoy birding at the different locations that I stay. I have gained new appreciations for music I would have never listened to and books I never would have read by exploring others bookshelves and music libraries while staying with their pets.

I discovered I love the smell of magnolia trees when the flowers bloom-we did not have magnolias in New England. I also have learned to appreciate the antics of puppies and kittens while respecting the wisdom of older dogs and cats.

All in all I have learned a nine to five life is not for me and despite it’s crazy hours and sometimes ups and downs I really love pet sitting.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there and to those we remember who have passed.

2 thoughts on “Pet Sitting & Magnolias

  1. Your pictures were lovely! We don’t have magnolias or dogwoods here in Colorado, so I really appreciate them when we visit back East! I really miss azaleas too! Enjoy your weekend too!

    • Thank you! I love taking photos. I miss white birch trees from where I grew up in New England but have grown to love the magnolias and wisterias down here. Do you have Aspen trees near you? I have only seen pictures of them but they do look beautiful.

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