A Beautiful Sight Indeed!




I was walking one of the dogs I care for on a regular basis when I looked up and realized the farmer had harvested the winter wheat. I thought the color of the sky, the cut wheat and the grass with the dots of the silo and barn on the horizon made a cool picture. I love watching the wheat grow. It starts off in the bleakest of months, starts sprouting up green shoots and then soon fields of beautiful green wheat is flowing with the wind. Then all the sudden when I least expect it the color changes and it turns the golden yellow. I always wonder what smashes down the wheat in odd places. I know it is usually wind gusts but it does look funny-perfect fields and rows of wheat and then a flattened circle or spot. I find the combines hypnotizing when they are working the fields, especially when two or three are on a field together.

The second picture is of a huge two hundred year old pine tree that stands over a cemetery in the next county. I stood at the base of the tree and looked up to take the picture. I love taking tree pictures like that and have done that since I was a young child. I always think of the stories trees and rocks could tell. It is a beautiful tree. I hope to go back and visit it.

On a completely side note we have had incredibly strong thunderstorms roll through tonight after record breaking heat today and I had thought all the wind, rain, thunder and lightening had passed half an hour ago but good Lord the whole house just shook with the last clap of thunder. This is an almost one hundred year old sturdy house too. Thankfully all is well. One dog is scared of the storm the other dog has had his nose pressed to the window watching the storm the whole time.

I have taken to increasing my gratitude and thanks to all in my life and what a change it has made. It has not wiped out problems nor taken away all of life’s pain but it has changed my perspective and made me realize what I value and what is important to me.

Finally to end this rambling thought wandering post this evening I leave you with the yellow rose picture. In honor of all the friendships I have made and fostered while writing this blog and to all who read it and encourage me.

Do you like taking pictures of one thing over and over and not tire of it? Has anything ever hypnotized you that you did not expect? Have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are!

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Sight Indeed!

  1. Thanks for the rose! Hope you came through the storms alright, we heard about them on the radio here, and my daughter sent pictures of downed trees in her town.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

    • Thanks Penni. I made it through alright and my town did not lose electricity. However I have many friends in surrounding towns who are still without electric though nothing quite like on the western shore where the estimates are next weekend before electricity is restored. Lots of old trees were uprooted. The winds were quite amazing and frightening when they came. I hope you are faring well where you are and are not in the line of wildfires. How scary they must be. I cannot imagine. I hope your daughter is doing ok with her storm damage.

      • The northern colorado fire was about 20 miles away, so we had lots of smoke and occasionally could see the flames, but we were in no danger. The Colorado Springs fire is about an hour and a half away, so we saw no effects from that one. But the loss has been tremendous for the people who live there, and also for the loss of beautiful land too. In all over 600 homes have been lost in these fires. I couldn’t imagine what that would like, to lose everything like that. My heart breaks for all the wildlife too, as so many young have probably been lost. We had two moose come down here because of the fires. Fortunately they were both relocated. I think it is going to be a long, hot summer here in Colorado…….

      • I can’t imagine it either. Twenty miles seems pretty close where fire is concerned and how fast it can move. It must be tough on the wildlife. I’m glad they were able to relocate the moose. My heart goes out to all the people and animals.

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