Planting, Growing & Evolving




I just love the lilies blooming all over everyone’s gardens and along the roadsides now. They are such cheerful flowers. Yellow is my favorite color but where flowers are concerned orange is a close second. I was reading recently the wild tiger lilies are the ancestors of all lilies.

Another flower I just adore is the marsh mallow. If I can find some with a safe place to pull over I will try to get a picture when they are blooming. I remember first seeing them when I crossed the river and marshland to go visit a boyfriend at the time. The flowers filled the marshland with huge blossoms of white and pink flowers. My boyfriend told me all about them. My love of the flowers lasted longer than our relationship did but I always think of him when I see the flowers. The river where they are so abundant is wide but the road and bridge going over it is not and does not have much of a shoulder. The nice part of this river is it is not developed-no houses built up on the bank, no docks protruding out into the river, except for the bridge and two lane road going over the river is in it’s natural state. You can see many species of waterfowl, gulls, turtles, frogs, hawks and of course osprey when they migrate here and bald eagles year round.

I stood in the corn to take the bottom picture. I did not wander too far in as I did not want to damage the farmers crop. But I walked in a step or two. I get a kick our of the way it envelopes me once I step in. Two thoughts come to mind and I love movies so these are movie references-I think of Cary Grant in North By Northwest trying to escape the crop duster. I still get alarmed by crop duster today when I see them as I think of Cary Grant. The other thing I thing of standing the corn is Fields of Dreams. It is nice to see the corn growing this high this year. Last year we had a bad drought and it curled up brown and died. We are behind about two inches in the rain this year but so far the corn is higher than last year and the soy is starting to grow where they have harvested the winter wheat.

The rhythms of planting, growing, evolving, weather and seasons are a comfort to me despite the hiccups that come my way. I too am planting, growing and evolving. Are you?

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